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Everybody wants to think their company is going to take care of them.

Everybody wants to think if something bad happens, my company is going to accept responsibility and going to make sure that if I have medical bills, they will get taken care of. If I need to see a really good doctor, they are going to get me to a really good doctor. If I miss time from work, they are going to make sure that I’m not out wages so that I can still pay for my house, my truck, and that I can still pay my bills. That’s what people want to believe. The reality is that the companies just don’t do that. As soon as something bad happens, they are going to go into cover up mode. They are going to try and figure out “what can we do to make the evidence appear like we did nothing wrong?” We know the playbooks of these companies.

We have seen them do it, time and time again. If you’re not prepared, if you’re not represented, you’re at their mercy.

Because the idea that “my coworkers will never sell me out”—that’s right. They never would. But it’s not going to be your coworker’s call. It’s the people in HR, the people in Risk Management. Their job is one thing only and that’s to save the company money. The way that they save the company money is they prevent people who have been hurt from getting their day in court. We’ve seen the playbook. We know what they do.

We know how to beat them, but we can’t beat it unless you call us. Because the longer you wait, the more time they have to do the things they want to do—to prevent you from getting the help that you need and that you deserve.

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