Will the Company Take Care of Me?

A lot of people believe that the company will take care of them. Unfortunately, this often doesn't happen. Listen as we explain why.

Protecting Yourself & Your Family

Kurt Arnold

Man, I see it all the time. I’m meeting with a potential client who's hurt, might be in his kitchen table with his wife, and he tells me, "Kurt, the company is going to take care of me. I've worked for this company for 30 years. My boss told me they're going to take care of me and not to worry about it."

As soon as someone's injured, the company has already contacted risk management. They've already contacted claims. You're not dealing with your boss anymore. Their risk manager that you've never met that's in Houston, Texas, that's dealing with the insurance folks—that is now who's in charge of your future.

It doesn't matter how long you worked for the company. When you have switched over from dealing with your boss to now dealing with claims, there's one goal and one goal only: and that's to minimize any kind of payout to you. That is 100% true, 100% of the time in every case I've ever seen.

Jason Itkin

Big companies and big insurance companies all have a playbook. When something bad happens, they immediately get into cover-up mode and try to figure out both from their claims management, risk management, and legal departments, "What can we do to minimize the amount of responsibility we have to take?" By minimizing the amount of responsibility, the only thing that the company cares about is their reputation—and most importantly what they care about is the dollar amounts that they pay.

If you're approached by a company, that's trying to get you to settle your claim or sign a waiver or a release, what the company's most likely doing is trying to take advantage of you. My suspicion is whatever they're offering you is not a good deal. It's not in your best interest.

Call us, let us talk to you. We'll talk to you for free about the best way for you to handle the situation so that you can focus on yours and your family's futures and getting back to having the best future possible.

No matter what.

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