What If I Receive a Settlement Offer?

Often, insurance companies will make a settlement offer at the very beginning of a case, leading people to believe that they may not need an attorney to represent them. Listen as we discuss why you still need a lawyer and how you should proceed with this settlement offer.

Signing Documents After an Accident

Jason Itkin

If you're approached by a company that's trying to get you to settle your claim or sign a waiver or a release, what the company's most likely doing is trying to take advantage of you and my suspicion is whatever they're offering you is not a good deal, it's not in your best interest. You can call us, you can email us, we'll talk to you for free, we're happy to look it over and tell you, "Hey, this is a good deal, a bad deal," and give you our best advice as to what your next course of action should be.

Kurt Arnold

While the injured is getting taken to the company doctor, the lawyers, investigators, and risk managers show up onsite and start taking statements. What they do is, is they tell the individuals and the witnesses what they want them to say, or they'll have, they'll write it out for them and have them sign it because the companies are trying to protect themselves and shape the message so it's not their fault, it's the injured person's fault.

Jason Itkin

What the company is realizing you don't have a lawyer, you don't have somebody fighting for you, you don't have someone who's looking out for your interests solely—and they're taking advantage of that. Usually with someone who's got a nice personality to try to convince you that what you should do is sign a piece of paper that gives up your rights, gives up your best chance at making it right for you and your family.

Call us, let us talk to you and we'll talk to you for free about the best way for you to handle the situation so that you can focus on yours and your family's futures and getting back to having the best future possible.

No matter what.

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