Insurance Claims

Fighting Insurance Companies

Your insurance company will rarely give you the compensation you deserve without a fight. You need a strong legal team on your side.

Insurance companies, especially insurance companies in our hometown, are do everything they can to avoid paying what they are obligated to do. This happens all the time. Literally, there are studies that show that 90% of people who have valid claims against their insurance company take less than they are owed because they are tired of fighting with them. We’ve seen it case after case, time after time, client after client.

I still remember getting those first few phone calls after Harvey hit and had flooded my friends’ houses and they were calling me saying, “Kurt, we don’t know what to do. We’ve got 10 feet of water in our house, we can’t even move back into our house.”

It’s not right what happened to you. You didn’t ask for this, and we’re going to make it as right as we can. We’ve been fortunate enough to have the resources to help clients all across the country. All they’re trying to do is figure out how that can not pay. Well, that’s not right. You paid premiums for a long time, you trusted your agent, you trusted your insurance company, and when something bad happens that’s what insurance is for.

If you’re not prepared, not represented, you’re at their mercy. What’s more important is that general counsels and defense lawyers, they may not like us, but they respect us because they know that we take care of our clients and that we get results. I’ll tell you something, if you don’t hire someone who knows what they’re doing, if you don’t hire a law firm that has a track record of making sure these companies, they will get away with it.

We’ve returned billions of dollars of verdicts for our clients because we understand these insurance companies and we don’t give up.

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