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“It was insane. It was just chaos—you just hear guys screaming, material dropping. And on top of that, you hear the loud explosion that’s already popping in your ears. It was terrible.”


“I woke up to go to work like a normal day. We get there, and…we were not told they were running some kind of chemicals through a line.”

“All of a sudden it felt like a train just started coming. You felt the ground shake, and I heard this loud noise.”

[Spanish] “The ground began to move and shake, and all the workers there, we looked at each other wondering what was happening. And then at some point, it came over the radio for all of us to run.”

“By the time we turn around, ‘BOOM!’”

“It’s like a car gear that’s stuck or something, it’s echoing throughout the entire plant—BANG BANG BANG—all of a sudden gigantic flames start rising from that side and they start covering the entire sky. Before we know it, the entire sky is red. We’re running for our lives off the structure. We dropped everything in our hands.”

“At that point, we saw a lot of people running and we knew it was really bad. We noticed this guy—this gentleman—laying on the ground and I thought he may have been deceased. And he said ‘Please don’t leave me man.’ And I paused for a minute, and he said, ‘If I don’t make it, let my wife and kids know that I love them.’”

“I grabbed the radio and I holler: ‘MAYDAY. MAYDAY. FIRE. FIRE. EVACUATE. EVACUATE.’”

“There’s one guy on a broken leg, I put him in a wheelbarrow that I had in the area and tooled him out of there. It was chaotic, it was…something I hope I never have to experience again.”

“I’m a single father of three daughters, so I was looking at it like at any second, at any given second, I could be taken away, and then what are they left with? I was very terrified.”

“People got in a rush, from what I understand—disregarding rules.”

“An operator had opened up a valve, and he overpressured it, and the PSV valve blew up. And the ignition source to that was the welder that was on the third floor. That’s when it ignited—when it ignited, it went up, like you heard it. And the whole unit went up like fast.”

“When the explosion happened, and that guy was still there hanging…getting burned. That’s one of the images I can’t get out of my head: watching that man up there burning. We couldn’t do nothing for him, nobody could have done nothing for him because he was right under the fire.”

[Spanish] “I couldn’t unhook myself—I needed to remove my tools and protective equipment. All of that equipment was plastic and already melted. There was a lot of damage done. I had no idea what had happened.”

[Spanish] “What I was most afraid of was that I would arrive at the hospital, and they would tell me my husband was dead.”

“The next couple of days, when people started going back to work, then [the company] was acting like Now we want to enforce safety’ instead of doing it correctly the first time.”

“The company I worked for, they didn’t care. They wanted us back to work the next day. I tried—I went back one day and I couldn’t. It was hard for me to breathe. I didn’t want to be near the plant, but they told us if we didn’t come back, we’d lose our job.”

“I tried to go and get my toolbox from there, and I couldn’t even handle doing that. I got shaky, sweaty…and that’s my career.”

“Some things, like gas, fires, things like that, I’ll get a little uneasy. If I were, like, to pass by a refinery or something like that, I’d kinda start having little flashbacks. I just hate it. I didn’t want to be around there, you know? And the smell.”

“A week or two later, we had got laid off. I started forgetting stuff, and my ears were ringing, back hurting.”

“I found out that I have some discs that needed to be replaced in my L4 and my L5—lower back. And now it’s surgery and lifelong pain and I may never be able to do certain things that I used to do.”

“My neck was pretty torn up, that I had to have surgery. I have a plate put in my neck to fix it. I’m still hurting, right now as we speak.”

“It’s been…it’s been a long hard road. I’ve actually had to have back surgery and I’m still shell-shocked at a lot of things that go on. If I’m somewhere and I hear a dumpster dumping, and I don’t know what it is, it startles me. So I mean, it’s caused some damage.”

“You know, I’m still shaky, I’m still having these headaches, and I’m still hurting pretty bad—especially when I started having nightmares. And I said, ‘You know what, I’m gonna need to seek professional help.’”

“I came upon Arnold & Itkin. I think I was doing a lot of research trying to find the best attorneys that had the most wins and really took care of their people, you know? Someone who had the best reviews and Arnold & Itkin were the first ones to come up. Their reviews actually stood up against everything. No matter where you look, they have great positive reviews.”

“Hey, you know what? Who is this firm? Tell me about them. And he told me, and he said, ‘Don’t take my word for it—look at them on the internet.’ And I went through reading some of the stuff on the internet, what they have done, what they have been awarded for, and I said, ‘These are the people that I want to go with.’”

“When I met the attorneys at Arnold & Itkin for the first time, it was real comfortable. They’re very welcoming, so it kinda made the situation less stressful, I would say.”

“When I walked through the door, they knew my first and last name, you know? Out of all the people that they could know, they knew me—first and last name. And [asked] ‘Hey, how are your kids?’ ‘Hey, how are you doing with this?’ It was heartwarming because they actually connected, they took that time to actually know you. Versus at the job, it was still people who didn’t even know my name, but here I am at a law firm and they know me, first and last name, and family and everything I had going on. They’re a really great firm.”

“When I first came to Arnold & Itkin, they treated me like family and I just felt real at home right away from the start, you know? I felt like I could trust them. I felt comfortable, and that’s something that I don’t really feel often. So that made an impact on me.”

“After dealing with these guys, it’d be kinda hard to match. They’re really there when you need them, any questions you’d need answering, they’d answer them.”

“Arnold & Itkin is like having my own personal team with me, and the other team is trying to score, trying to do whatever they can to win. But with Arnold & Itkin behind me, I have the power, the knowledge, and knowing that we’re gonna get our job done at whatever cost it is. They’re here to help me, they’re my backup. They would be your backup.”

“I believe the plant failed us. We had safety meetings every day. Every day they had safety meetings. Every single morning before the shift. But I believe the plant failed us because they say every accident is preventable. That was preventable, what happened to us. They put money over our lives.”

“If I would have let the company handle it, I would have seen one doctor, I would have talked to one psychiatrist, and then that would have been it. There’s no comparison to Arnold & Itkin. I had no idea if I even had a case or if there was even anything remotely possible, but they took care of everything.”

“These guys—Arnold & Itkin—they mean the world to me. At the time of need, these guys were there for me. And to really have somebody in your corner when you’re in dire need, not really knowing what to do…to really have somebody in your corner, it means the world to you.”

“Now that the case is settled, I feel like for me and my daughters, most of the things I was worried about is no longer there. I mean, they made sure that we were taken care of, and I gotta give it to them: they fought every step of the way, nails and teeth and everything, they fought really hard for the future. And I feel like our future is just—we have that opportunity again to have that fresh start.”

“By myself, I would have never been able to make it this far, you know? It’s really astounding how intelligent and professional they are, how much they can do. Because they’ve done a lot, and I could never thank them enough for that.”

“I know for a fact that so many other people that used different lawyers, and they are nowhere close to getting the medical attention that they need, getting the financials that they need, they are out there right now like a person on welfare. And that’s the best way for me to put it. If it wasn’t too late, I would love to tell them to switch teams and get on the winning team, with Arnold & Itkin.”

“Go with them. Go with them. Go with them, go with them. I would definitely recommend Arnold & Itkin to anyone—anyone that’s looking for a personal injury attorney, to go with Arnold & Itkin. Because they’re there for you, they’ll have your back, they will go above and beyond. And you might just be surprised in the end of what they’re capable of. I feel that my future is a lot more secure, I’ll be able to make sure my kids are okay, I’ll be able to make sure my fiancé and I are okay.”

Our results from Arnold & Itkin was more than we ever dreamed. They put us in a position to where my husband doesn’t have to worry so much because he does still have injuries. He does still have issues he’s probably going to have for the rest of his life, and his biggest fear was not being able to take care of his family. Arnold & Itkin made sure that he’s able to take care of his family now.”

“Arnold & Itkin means, they retired me, y’know? I’m going to move back home and enjoy the rest of my life.”

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