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Offshore workers in the middle of  a basket transfer off of an oil rig.Working in the maritime industry requires workers to work on lift boats, jack up rigs, drilling rigs, and platforms. These structures are all necessary for the retrieval of gas and oil from mineral deposits. In order to transfer workers to and from their job sites, many companies use personnel baskets, or Billy Pugh baskets, to get the job done. These transfers can be dangerous—especially when they are used in poor weather or conducted by inexperienced operators. Inexperience crane operators have been found at fault for serious injuries during risky basket transfers.

For years, Arnold & Itkin has fought for the victims of negligence in the offshore and maritime industry. We’ve helped our clients win billions of dollars to recover their medical expenses, lost wages, diminished future earnings, and more. Our basket transfer accident lawyers have helped thousands of people rebuild their lives and provide for their families. Review your legal options with an attorney here today.

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Why Billy Pugh Basket Transfers Risk Workers’ Lives

These basket transfers are usually attached to a crane and are used to hold one or more workers onto the Billy Pugh basket’s netting. The crane operator lifts the basket, swings it over the side of the first vessel and lifts or lowers the basket and workers to their destination. If it all goes smoothly, there shouldn’t be any problems—but not everything goes smoothly. There are numerous risks associated with basket transfers.

Many basket transfer injuries occur because of one of the following circumstances:

  • Human Error: Without proper training, crane operators can put workers at risk. Accidents occur when the crane operator lowers the basket too quickly or swing the basket in the wrong direction, causing impact injuries to the workers in the basket.
  • High Wind Conditions: Basket transfers can be far more challenging when there are high winds. When high seas cause one or both vessels involved in the transfer to move, transferring personnel without causing serious injury becomes difficult.
  • Unsafe Sea Conditions: According to the Billy Pugh safety protocols, basket transfers should not be attempted in rough seas. However, many companies ignore these protocols.

Basket transfers are dangerous and should only be attempted in accordance with safety protocols and regard for the safety of personnel. There’s no excuse for attempting to transfer personnel in the middle of high winds, rough seas, or with an inexperienced crane operator.

2017 Billy Pugh Basket Accident

The United States Bureau of Safety & Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) has issued a bulletin about an incident in which a Billy Pugh basket was subject to uncontrolled swinging. Four offshore personnel in the Gulf of Mexico were subjected to uncontrolled motion while being transferred from a vessel to a production facility. The basket hit the raining on the vessel which injured three of the four offshore personnel. An investigation found that the crane equipment suffered a structural failure, which caused the accident.

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Basket Transfer Accident Lawyers from Arnold & Itkin LLP.Basket transfer accidents can result in serious back and neck injuries, ending an offshore worker’s career. What happens to these people once their career is over? Who pays for their medical care, for the wages they lost in recovery, or for the future wages they would have earned if they were never injured? In a perfect world, the company who caused their injuries would voluntarily pay for all of these costs. It may not be a perfect world, but the basket transfer accident lawyers at Arnold & Itkin fight to make the world a little fairer—especially for people like you.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a personnel basket transfer, you need an experienced and qualified maritime attorney to represent your challenging case. Arnold & Itkin has won billions of dollars for workers injured by negligence or disregard for their safety. We have successfully held companies accountable for their actions and for putting the workers at risk in bad weather conditions or with poorly trained crane operators.

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