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Years ago, a construction superintendent was standing behind a safety fence during a drilling project. He was overseeing a project that involved using a drilling auger attached to a crane, which allowed them to do deep foundation drilling. The auger got stuck, and while the operator attempted to unstick the drill, the crane collapsed on our client. His injuries forced his doctors to make an above-the-knee amputation. Our client didn’t have a desk job. He worked in construction—the loss of his leg meant the loss of his career (and more directly, the loss of his income). Just as importantly, the loss of his leg created incredible mental anguish, trauma, and physical pain. Over three weeks, our Houston amputation lawyers argued that our client needed significant financial support to overcome his injury and move on with his life. The jury agreed.

He was awarded $44 million—the largest award for an amputee victim in U.S. history.

The Cost of a Lost Limb

Losing a limb is trauma by itself. Losing a limb due to a catastrophic accident can leave people in pain and anguish for years, making it harder for them to earn a living. Even with the right financial resources in place, limb prosthetics can cost tens of thousands of dollars—not including the time spent adjusting to using it, the hours of physical therapy, and the lost work efficiency due to using it.

The effects of amputation include:

  • Loss of mobility and dexterity
  • Stump and phantom limb pain
  • Infection
  • Muscle contractures
  • Fatigue or exhaustion
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Body image issues
  • Social isolation

One study found that amputees were facing in $30,000 in care costs on average from hospital and professional fees without accounting for prosthetic costs. When the cost of using/buying prosthetics was added in, patients’ lifetime expenses ballooned to $403,000 on average. Just for treatment—not counseling, not emotional pain and suffering, not the loss of a career or the grief that comes from losing a piece of yourself.

The loss of a limb is mental, physical, and emotional. The results of your case should reflect that.

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Proving that negligence caused or necessitated amputation means one thing for amputees: the ability to start over without fear or stress. If you can build a case against an employer, a driver, an insurer, or a manufacturer, then we may be able to help you fight for the resources you need: quality treatment, lost wages, future earnings, and long-term rehabilitation.

People turn to our Houston amputation attorneys because we’ve:

  • Won billions of dollars for our clients
  • Set state and national records with our victories
  • Won hundreds of case results worth $1 million or more
  • Won cases for our clients in more than 40 states

Arnold & Itkin has helped our clients rebuild their lives—to provide for their families, find new careers, and keep their homes. Our work has helped people find hope again. Together, we can fight to hold your wrongdoer accountable and force them to do right by you and your loved ones.

Dial (888) 493-1629 or contact us online to tell us what happened. We want to help you rebuild.

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