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Can I Sue When a Business Interferes with My Clients?

Dealing with Cases Involving Tortious Interference

When a company or individual wrongfully disrupts your contractual or other business relations, then relief may be available through a tortious interference lawsuit. Tortious interference is a common law of tort that is filed when a person purposefully interferes with another person's business relationships. If it is proven, charges can include mental distress and punitive damages, among others, depending on the exact details.

  • Tortious Interference with Contract: This type of tortious interference occurs when the defendant intentionally or willfully causes the party to breach an otherwise enforceable contract or makes it impossible for the party to perform their obligations under the contract.
  • Tortious Interference with Business Relations: This occurs when a party engages in wrongful conduct, such as defaming your company, which causes you to lose business. These are false testimonies about a person or business that causes you to lose good reputation.

Tortious interference cases can be hotly contested. The most common issues are whether the defendant knew of the contractual relationship, whether the defendant's actions proximately caused the damage, and whether you suffered actual financial loss as a result of the defendant's conduct. There also must be a third party who was aware of said business agreement, and actual damage to the party who sustained the interference usually must be proven. Skilled, experienced and aggressive legal representation is needed in these cases.

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