Commercial Litigation FAQs

What Is a Complex Business Dispute?

Business or commercial litigation most typically involve conflicts arising in the business sector. They usually occur when illegal activities were entered into for the sake of financial gain of an individual or company.

Sometimes, a business dispute is labeled complex. This usually occurs when the case involves:

  • Multiple parties: Contractors and subcontractors and employees, for instance, or officers and board members and shareholders. A dispute gains more complexity when the number of factors involved grows, as is the case with multiple party business litigation cases.
  • Multiple venues: Simultaneous litigation in state and federal courts, for example, or cases in which motions have been filed in several different jurisdictions. Business disputes may have taken place in a number of different locations, but all involve at their root the same issue.

A business dispute can also be considered complex when it involves extensive review of business records or highly technical accounting, financing, lending, insurance coverage, and tax issues. Financial experts may be needed to assist in analyzing and developing the case.

White collar crimes in the business sector are often hard to catch, so when someone catches wind of illegal activity, there is often extensive research that must take place to come up with the evidence.

Complex business disputes are complicated, hence the name, but they do not necessarily have to go to court. If you find yourself caught up in a complex business dispute, it would be best to seek legal help from a professional who is experienced in business law. It is also important to make yourself aware of business law as much as you can, so that you can avoid being involved in a complex business dispute.

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