How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

The short answer is "nothing." You pay no upfront expenses and nothing at all unless we win your case. Fees are paid out of the final settlement or award, not from your pocket.

Our lawyers know how difficult life is in the wake of a severe injury, and we know you're facing serious expenses. We make sure hiring an attorney isn't one of them. We work on a contingency fee agreement, which means that you only pay if we can recover for you. From the first consultation to the very end of your case, we will front all of the expenses—including man-hours we put in and fees of experts that we consult. We are only paid if we win your case, and our payment comes from the total recovery that we make—not directly out of your own pocket.

We Forward Litigation Costs & Expenses

Building an effective personal injury lawsuit takes time and resources. We are willing to do what it takes to help our clients win, and that includes forwarding the costs of litigation. When you work with our personal injury attorneys, you don't have to worry about hiring expert witnesses or accident reconstruction specialists who will build your case. You don't have to think about the man-hours it will take to present your case in negotiations or to a judge and jury. You don't have to wonder what it will cost to hire a personal injury lawyer.

Instead of worrying about money, you should focus on healing. That's what our fee arrangement allows you to do.

We are leading trial lawyers known nationwide for securing record results in the most challenging cases. Our team of attorneys has secured over $20 billion for the injured and wronged. We have done it all without charging our clients exorbitant out-of-pocket fees, but rather by making at-fault parties pay for their wrongdoing. After all, isn't that the point of seeking justice in civil court? Of offering a way to right the wrongs caused by negligence and wrongdoing? Our lawyers believe it to be true. Our results speak for themselves.

No Cost To You Unless We Win

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We Also Offer Several Other Affordable Fee Agreements

We at Arnold & Itkin understand that each of our clients will be coming from a different place in their life, and so need a unique fee arrangement to suit their needs. In an effort to be flexible, we have made it possible for our clients to choose from several different fee arrangements.

The first is what is known as a "flat fee arrangement." In these cases, we will offer a single flat fee for our client. This will not be contingent on how many hours we work, our success, or any other factors.

The second agreement is straight hourly rates, where our clients will have a single fee they get billed per hour. This may be the best option in situations that are relatively straightforward. If we do not believe there are going to be an enormous amount of hours, you may be able to save money by merely agreeing to a by-the-hour agreement; this can shave off a considerable amount of money from the final bill. This, however, is not the choice for everyone. In cases that will require a lot of manpower or an undetermined amount of hours, hourly rates may not be the wisest.

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At Arnold & Itkin, we believe everyone deserves to seek justice. By working with our firm on a contingency fee agreement, you can rest assured knowing you have a partner who is 100% committed to your success.

To learn more, please contact us at (888) 493-1629 for a free consultation. With Arnold & Itkin, you don't need to worry about what it costs to hire a personal injury lawyer.

Common Questions

  • Is It Worth Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney?

    Trying to handle a personal injury lawsuit on your own is probably not realistic or recommended. Even if you are a trained and experienced attorney, handling your own case would be extremely difficult while you were injured or recovering from an injury. Putting your case in the hands of a professional means you can focus on healing while your case gets the attention it needs. By hiring proven lawyers like our team at Arnold & Itkin, you can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to get answers and a fair result on your behalf. It's worth it to hire the right personal injury attorney, because they will fight to get what you need to create a brighter future.
  • What Percentage Do Most Personal Injury Lawyers Make?

    Most personal injury attorneys are paid a percentage of the settlement or award they earn on behalf of a client. This percentage will be agreed upon ahead of time so there are no surprises or uncertainties. Many personal injury lawyers will take a fee of about 33-40%, but the exact amount will depend on your contract with the firm and the laws of the jurisdiction in which your case is filed. There are many variables to take into account, so it's important to talk to your lawyer about potential fees based on your unique situation.
  • What Is a Typical Personal Injury Settlement Worth?

    The value of a personal injury settlement or verdict will vary dramatically from case to case. Some are worth millions or even billions of dollars, depending on the type of case, the extent of harm caused, why it happened, and many other details. When we take on a case, our team works diligently to determine what it will take to help our client put their life back on track. We may also consider what it will take to punish or penalize the defendant, when applicable. The truth is that no amount of money could make up for a catastrophic injury or the loss of a loved one. It can, however, build a more stable future for those who have been affected.
  • Do Personal Injury Lawyers Always Win?

    No reputable lawyer or firm would ever guarantee that they "always win" or that they "will win" your case. What we can guarantee, however, is that we do everything we can to help every client we represent. Because we have so much experience in personal injury litigation and a reputation for winning, not to mention considerable resources and manpower to investigate and litigate our clients' cases, we have been able to achieve unparalleled results for clients across our areas of practice nationwide. In all, we've won more than $10 billion in verdicts and settlements.
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