Maritime Lawyers Our Galveston Maritime Attorneys Have Helped Injured Workers Win Billions.

Galveston Maritime Lawyers

Our Maritime Attorneys Have Won Billions for the Survivors of Offshore Accidents & Disasters

The offshore industry is America's oldest industry. Maritime law was the law when we were just British colonies, and many of our founding fathers were maritime lawyers before the Revolution. Many of those basic precepts still form the foundation of maritime law today, particularly the rule of maintenance and cure. Maintenance and cure refer to the responsibility of a ship's owners or captain to fund an injured worker's living expenses and medical treatment if he or she was injured while working aboard.

Despite centuries of progressively better safety, offshore work is still some of the most dangerous work anyone can get into. America's industries depend on the risks that our offshore workers take: from shipping vessels to barges to offshore oil rigs, our workers are doing the high-stakes work that keeps our nation running. That's why our Galveston maritime attorneys fight to protect workers after they've been grievously injured offshore while doing their jobs—their companies owe workers a great debt, but none of them are willing to pay it unless someone makes them.

If you or your loved one was injured in an offshore accident, call (888) 493-1629 as soon as possible—we want to help you get what you need to pay for treatment and rebuild your life.

Common Offshore Injuries & Accidents

Ships and rigs are dangerous places to work. That's why vessel owners and supervisors are made responsible for the upkeep and safety of their vessels—by holding them legally liable, the hope is that they'll work harder to ensure the safety of their workers. When fines and citations aren't enough to deter unsafe environments, offshore accident survivors can file claims to further deter unsafe practices.

Without holding offshore companies accountable, workers will more often suffer injuries from:

Galveston Oil Rig Accidents

Oil rig workers are expected to work for 12 hours a day for 2 weeks at a time—it's a hard, grueling living. Many workers find it rewarding, however, so there's never a shortage of men and women willing to take a spot on a rotating crew. Unfortunately, there's always an open spot because drilling operations are seven times deadlier than the average workplace in the United States.

Arnold & Itkin News: Baywater Drilling Employee Sues Company for Ordering Him to Lift 300 Pounds Alone

Our Galveston oil rig accident attorneys have represented hundreds of oil rig workers who were injured on the job, getting them the millions they needed to rebuild their lives and start new careers (or replace their income if they were no longer able to work). We represented over one-third of the Deepwater Horizon crew after the deadly explosion that killed 11 people and injured 17.

Jones Act Lawyers Serving Galveston

Freight ships navigating a large harbor off the coast of a major city.In addition to the centuries-old principles of admiralty law that govern maritime accidents, the United States has passed four laws that are foundational to offshore workers' rights: the Jones Act, the Death on the High Seas Act, the Limitation of Liability Act, and the Longshoreman & Harbor Workers Compensation Act.

The most relevant to injured seamen is the Jones Act—a law that entitles workers who have been injured by negligence to recover for their lost wages, lost earning capacity, mental and physical suffering, living expenses during recovery, and medical care. It's similar to workers' compensation for mainland workers, but it includes a far broader amount of qualifying losses.

Click on any of the below laws to learn how they affect your case:

Schedule a Free Review of Your Case with Galveston Maritime Attorneys

If you were hurt while working in the offshore industry—from working in harbor warehouses to the heart of the ocean—then you need someone to watch your back. Offshore companies are notorious for using underhanded tactics to keep their workers from seeking the amount they deserve for their pain. Our Galveston offshore law firm levels the playing field so you can focus on starting again.

Here's what will happen if you contact us: we'll schedule a time for you to meet with a lawyer for a free review of your options. If we can help you, we'll cover the cost of your claim from beginning to end—no upfront payment, no invoice or bill. Every penny—from our fee to the investigators we hire—will be advanced against your verdict or settlement. If you don't win, we absorb the loss so you won't owe a thing.

If you want to get started, call (888) 493-1629 or contact us online. Let us help you get back to normal.

Galveston Maritime Lawyers

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