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Millions and millions of products flood our marketplace, hundreds of them a part of our daily lifestyles. Even though federal regulatory organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration exist to stop unsafe products from being sold, they still slip through the cracks—and innocent people are hurt in the process. In other situations, otherwise safe products are advertised for uses that they weren't designed for, such as when medication is provided to patients "off-label"—without proper testing or authorization.

The motivation for companies to allow this is also simple: they want their products on the market in order to make a profit that justifies their manufacturing cost. Many times, they will selfishly take the risk of harming large quantities of people if it means their product’s sales will be lucrative. Whether you have been wrongfully injured by a malfunctioning car part or contracted an illness by a drug that should not have been in circulation, the Louisiana product liability lawyers at Arnold & Itkin are here to help you obtain compensation for your negative experiences. We have helped thousands of injured people across the nation get the compensation they deserve after experiencing a life-changing accident. We have won billions of dollars on behalf of our clients!

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Three Basic Categories of Product Liability Claims

Most product liability claims can be sorted by the three basic phases of product consumption. First, a product needs to be designed, then manufactured. Finally, it has to actually be consumed, and most cases have to do with finding a flaw in one or more of those three phases.

Below is a quick reference:

  • Manufacturing defect claims: Often, a product is designed and approved to perform a function, but mistakes occur in the manufacturing process, leading to a product on the market that fails to perform its function and puts lives in danger.
  • Design defect claims: These claims prove that the product was dangerous from its design. If a simple addition or exclusion of one characteristic of the product could have prevented injury, filing a design defect claim may be the best course of action.
  • Failure to warn claims: These claims are the reason you see so many warning labels on products that perhaps do not need to be there. Manufacturers or company owners have a responsibility to warn their consumers of a possible danger that their products pose. Many companies fail to anticipate dangers or simply avoid the warning label out of fear that it will deter consumption.

Protecting Victims from Dangerous Products in Louisiana

If a company releases a product that is dangerous for consumers without informing them of the risk of use, they have the right to pursue litigation against those companies. Our Louisiana product liability attorneys can help you obtain the best possible results for your case to ensure that accidents like this won't happen again. Serious injuries caused by consumer products can prompt agencies to recall a product. It is important for individuals, manufacturers, medical practitioners, or distributors to report serious injuries that occur from the use of a product. Your serious injury may be the one that tips the scale for a product recall to prevent another consumer from also getting hurt.

Arnold & Itkin Won $76 Million Dollar Verdict for Defective Pharmaceutical Product

Many consumers may now be aware of the negative side effects of a drug called Risperdal. The drug is used to treat bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and certain forms of autism for adults, but it was given to young Asperger's patients for years "off-label" without testing its effect on children. In boys, it causes a condition known as gynecomastia—the abnormal growth of female breasts. We have represented multiple clients who suffered these symptoms from childhood, enduring unimaginable embarrassment and emotional turmoil. Classified as a “failure to warn case,” our firm was able to prove that the manufacturer of the drug—Johnson & Johnson—was aware of the drug but did nothing to stop its consumption. For our client and his family, we were then able to secure a $76 million verdict in compensation for his pain.

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