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18-Wheeler Lawyers Fighting for Victims of New England Motor Freight Crashes

New England Motor Freight Inc. is a shipping company based in Elizabeth, New Jersey. It's a relatively small operator with 1,424 vehicles. As reported by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in June 2018, its fleet has been involved in 141 collisions over the last 2 years—nearly a tenth of its fleet, assuming the same truck wasn't involved in multiple collisions. Those 141 New England Motor Freight truck accidents resulted in 4 fatal accidents and 58 injuries.

In the same time period, the company earned 800+ safety violations, including:

  • Speeding 15+ mph over the limit
  • Speeding in a construction zone
  • Driving a commercial vehicle while fatigued
  • Driving a commercial vehicle while texting

See for yourself—find out how often trucking companies get into accidents on the FMCSA website.

There were more than 150,000 commercial truck collisions in 2017, injuring more than 75,000 people and killing 4,579 of them. Statistically, more than 600 of those fatalities were truck drivers themselves. Nationwide, Texas is the home to the most trucking collisions—a dubious honor for our home state. Despite making up less than 5 percent of the vehicles on the highway, large trucks were responsible for 11 percent of highway fatalities. Our New England Motor Freight accident lawyers want to make America's highways safer while caring for those who have been hurt in truck collisions. The best way to do both is to hold companies like New England Motor Freight responsible for the accidents they cause.

Truck accidents often cause catastrophic injuries like:

Review your recovery options with a lawyer for free—call (888) 493-1629 or contact us online to find if you can get help to pay for your medical care and lost wages.

Why Trucking Accidents Cause Accidents & Wrongful Death So Often

Every morning, thousands of tired truckers get behind the wheel of their tractor-trailers, big rigs, and more. Driving while tired might seem harmless to commuters, but even moderate tiredness might impair our driving as much as drinking does. Experts believe that about 1 in 7 trucking collisions are directly caused by fatigue, while 1 in 4 trucking fatalities occurred when a driver was hauling for longer than 17 hours. Tired driving is deadly, but why is it so common?

Truck accidents we've investigated include:

Because trucking companies designed the industry to pass all the risk and costs onto drivers through pay-by-mile arrangements. With pay-by-mile, drivers are incentivized to drive long hours with few breaks and as little sleep as possible. Companies and senior drivers may even 'teach' new drivers how to fool federal inspectors, allowing them to drive in excess of the legal hours of service—one of the most common ways is to keep 2 logbooks. Drivers have little choice in the matter—pay-by-mile basically ensures that drivers can barely make ends meet while driving for long stretches. Meanwhile, all their vital non-driving work goes unpaid.

Vital non-driving trucking work includes:

  • Driving to pick up new loads
  • Planning routes
  • Abiding by federally-mandated rest breaks
  • Waiting for loading/unloading
  • Submitting to rig inspections

Under this arrangement, drivers work harder while trucking companies continue to increase their profit margins. The punishing schedule and low pay is why the trucking industry burns through drivers so quickly, leaving many long-haulers without a safety net when they get into accidents. It's an unfair system rigged in the carrier's favor. Our New England Motor Freight accident lawyers want to change all that.

How to Recover from an 18-Wheeler Collision

New England Motor Freight Trucking Lawyers at Arnold & Itkin LLP.Trucking companies mobilize their lawyers, investigators, and adjusters immediately after every accident. They gather any evidence that it was the motorist's fault (while ignoring any evidence that suggests it was theirs), immediately putting injured crash victims on the defensive. Our law firm believes that crash victims should have access to the same resources as the largest companies—whether they're motorists, pedestrians, independent contractors, or carrier employees.

When we work with accident survivors or grieving families, we put investigators and adjusters to work on their behalf, building a case that helps them fight for what they need. Our New England Motor Freight accident law firm have won billions for our clients, helping them pay for medical treatment, replace lost income, and provide for their families. We do all of that without receiving a penny of upfront payment. In fact, our only payment comes from what our clients recover from their wrongdoer, so they lose nothing from working with us.

Every case begins with a free review of your options—speak with an attorney about your case today. Call (888) 493-1629 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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