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Helping Survivors of Cardinal Logistics 18-Wheeler Crashes

Cardinal Logistics is a transportation company with 3,039 vehicles. Their home base is in Concord, North Carolina, but their commercial vehicles travel all over the nation. Between June 2016 and June 2018, Cardinal received citations for 1,725 safety violations.

Their citations included:

  • Overly-worn tire treads
  • Flat tires
  • Poor maintenance
  • No warning flag on oversized loads

Over the same period, Cardinal Logistics trucks have been in 170+ crashes, causing 110+ injuries—a 64% injury rate. These crashes have caused 7 people to lose their lives.

See for yourself how often trucking companies get into accidents on the FMCSA website.

We Hold the Truck Companies Responsible

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Truck Accidents Put the Public At Risk

There are more than 12.6 million commercial vehicles on the road—roughly 5% of vehicles on the roads . An even smaller percentage of these vehicles are large trucks, but despite their small numbers, trucking accidents cause 11% of US traffic fatalities. In 2017 alone, large truck collisions injured 75,000 people and killed more than 4,500. The state with the lion's share of trucking accidents? Texas.

Truck accidents also cause catastrophic injurieslike:

Trucks can weigh between 10,000 and 80,000 pounds. While trucking is a vital part of our state's economy, trucking companies need to ensure they're not valuing profits over the safety of the public.

Why Do Commercial Truck Accidents Happen?

Companies like Cardinal Logistics make profit by passing as much risk and costs onto their drivers. One of the most effective ways they do that is through pay-by-mile. Paying drivers pennies for every mile they drive ensures that drivers push themselves harder and harder to make ends meet while logistics companies earn larger profits. Non-driving work that truckers have to do—driving to pick up loads, waiting for loading/unloading, sitting in traffic, submitting to rig inspections—is dumped on the driver.

The pay arrangement has resulted in a culture of "hard-driving" that promises drivers a good living if they minimize sleep, violate hours of service regulations, and drive for longer stretches. While truck drivers deserve to earn a good living, that sort of behavior is dangerous for all motorists on US highways.

Truck accidents we've investigated include:

Experts estimate that at least 1 in 8 big rig collisions is caused exclusively by fatigue. Sleep researchers believe that even moderate tiredness is as impairing to our driving as having a drink—and thousands of drivers are getting behind the wheel of their 80,000-pound tractor-trailers absolutely exhausted by a hard-driving routine. None of them have the option of resting, or else they'll end up losing more money after a full workday than they make. This culture of no sleep and long hours will contribute to the deaths of thousands of motorists this year—and hundreds of them will be truck drivers themselves. Our Cardinal Logistics truck accident lawyerswant to change that.

Rebuild Your Life After a Cardinal Logistics Truck Accident

Arnold & Itkin LLP has helped our clients won billions of dollars to rebuild their lives. We've fought and won huge cases against insurers and trucking companies all over the country, representing motorists and commercial drivers against the most well-equipped opponents in the nation. Our work has ensured that our clients get the same resources that every large company uses to sweep accidents under the rug.

Our results have ensured that clients have enough to:

  • Pay for medical bills
  • Put food on the table
  • Pay the mortgage or rent
  • Replace lost income and future earnings

After every truck accident, trucking companies deploy teams of investigators and adjusters to defend themselves from potential claims. Evidence that might have helped you 'disappears,' while evidence that can be used against you is scrutinized and brought to light. For the most part, these companies get away with it because no one stands in their way. Our truck accident attorneys stand in their way. We use the same kind of investigators and experts the trucking companies use—only ours are working on your behalf. Our firm's efforts ensure that you have a fair chance at recovering the losses you've suffered.

To review your legal options with our Cardinal Logistics trucking lawyers, call (888) 493-1629 or contact us online. Our clients pay nothing upfront, and we only get paid if you win.

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