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Those working in construction, manufacturing, or industrial fields are especially at risk to incur a workplace injury. Employers in these areas are required by law to meet state, industry-wide, and federal safety regulations. Unfortunately they are not always met, and employees are injured as a result. Injuries are most often investigated by OSHA and similar organizations, and if violations are found, employers may be held accountable.

Have You Been Injured in a Work-Related Accident?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 3 million workplace injuries were reported by private industry employers in 2014. This comes out to a rate of 3.2 cases per 100 full-time workers. If you have been injured, call the experienced team at Arnold & Itkin to get the compensation you deserve. We can be reached at (888) 493-1629 for a free consultation, so contact us as soon as possible to discuss if you are entitled to compensation.

The most severe work injuries occur as a result of:

We Help You Fight for Maximum Compensation

The attorneys at Arnold & Itkin understand the many facets of workplace injury cases. Our investigations hold the largest companies in the U.S. accountable for employee safety again and again. You may be able to recover lost income, medical costs, compensation for pain and suffering, and punitive damages for reckless misconduct.

We cover all these areas for our clients through:

  • Workers’ Compensation Claims
  • Social Security Disability Claims
  • Personal Injury Lawsuits
  • The Jones Act
  • The Longshore Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act
  • The Death on High Seas Act
  • General Maritime Law

What Constitutes Employer Negligence?

If you were injured on the job, there is a chance your employer can be held liable for negligence. This mostly has to do with whether or not the injury could have been avoided with the proper safety adherence. For example, one of the most common examples of a construction injury is a fall.

OSHA requires specialized harnesses and supervision of workers at great heights for fall-preventative reasons. If a worker does fall, it may be inferred that the worker was not given the proper equipment or was not properly supervised. If such was the case, the worker’s employer may be liable for that injury.

Fact: If the employer was aware of any workplace violations that contributed to the injury, then the injured worker may be entitled to recovery beyond workers’ compensation limits.

Another common cause of accidents at the workplace is mechanical or equipment failure. When equipment is not properly maintained and repaired, it can decay and present a greater risk of failure. Equipment failures commonly result in accidents that seriously injure employees.

Think back to the Texas City Refinery explosion back in 2005. Due to hundreds of safety violations and continued failure to remediate those issues, 15 workers lost their lives and more than 170 other workers were injured. The same was the case with the Williams Olefins explosion in Geismar: failure to adhere to regulations can result in disaster.

Texas Workers’ Compensation Laws

In Texas, workers must receive some sort of employment-based insurance options, although employers can choose to opt-out of workers' compensation insurance. The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) and the Division of Workers' Compensation together regulate the workers' insurance systems allowable in the State of Texas.

According to these agencies, employers who opt-out of workers' compensation insurance must:

  • File an annual notice with the TDI
  • Display notices of non-coverage, so that all employees are properly informed
  • Give a written statement of non-coverage each time that they hire a new employee.

Many employers choose to self-insure their employees, as long as that insurance is certified by the TDI. Whatever type of employment insurance policy that you have been provided, it is important to understand your benefits.

In the event of an injury that was not self-inflicted, employees may be able to recover compensation for:

  • Initial medical costs
  • Continued medical care
  • Funeral expenses
  • Income benefits for workers who have lost wages

What is unfortunate is that many workers are undercompensated for their injuries and unaware of it. Arnold & Itkin LLP exists to inform workers of their rights. You may be entitled to financial compensation for long-term care and even compensation for noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering. The Houston personal injury attorneys at our firm fight to help workers throughout Texas secure benefits that they and their families so badly need.

To learn more, please contact Arnold & Itkin LLP today! You can reach us at (888) 493-1629 or by filling out our simple online form. Speak with us in a free consultation as soon as possible.

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