Outdoor Product Defects The Unexpected Dangers in Your Backyard

Defective Outdoor Product Attorney

Defective outdoor products are the focus of several recalls every year. These include lawn mowers, garden tractors, welders, electric blowers, and other landscaping equipment. Outdoor furniture and accessories like deck and patio furniture, wooden hammock stands, outdoor candles, outdoor grills, and backyard fire pits have also been recalled by the CPSC for the fall, burn, and mutilation risks they pose to users.

When you consider that the injuries caused by a defective outdoor product may lead to expensive medical bills, lost wages from missed work and various other losses or expenses, it is important to determine what can be done to seek compensation. The manufacturer may be held accountable, but it may be difficult to file a claim without legal representation. Large manufacturing companies have attorneys or teams of attorneys whose purpose is to address product liability lawsuits, and an unrepresented consumer is highly unlikely to receive a fair settlement.

Arnold & Itkin LLP can protect your legal rights to the fullest extent when handling your claim. We know how to take a stand against manufacturers and insurance companies alike and are prepared to fight for our clients' rights.

Defective Barbecue Equipment

When summer rolls around, families and friends gather. Good company needs good food; often, BBQ. Unfortunately, summer fun can turn into injury with defective equipment. Grills can either be charcoal or propane, but both include an open flame, which is always a potential hazard. Statistics from the National Fire Protection Association state that barbeque fires result in 10 deaths and around 100 injuries every year.

Certain grills have actually been recalled, so it is important to keep yourself informed on the status of your barbecue. Some manufacturers that have issued barbecue recalls are Master Forge, John Deere, and Char-Broil. Defer to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website if you are concerned that your barbecue may have been recalled. Barbecues can cause burn injuries but they can also cause property damage. If you have suffered injury or you sustained significant property damage as a result of a defective barbecue, you should seek legal help immediately.

Defective Garden Furniture

When the weather starts to warm up, many families migrate outside, but what happens when sunset dinner turns into an injury? You never expect your chair to give way or table to shatter; unfortunately, this can be common with some outdoor equipment. Garden and outdoor furniture should be made to withstand any weather condition. They have to be made stronger and more durable because they are prone to more wear and tear than most indoor furniture. There have been reports of outdoor chairs, table tops, and even candles causing serious injury and property damage. For example, some chairs have been recalled because they suddenly snap, causing people to fall and, in some cases, suffer lacerations. Some outdoor tables have been recalled for similar reasons. Glass tabletops can shatter, causing individuals to be injured by the broken shards of glass. Even outdoor candles and torches, if not manufactured correctly can result in serious fire damage to properties.

Defective Landscaping Equipment

To keep lawns spick and span, people buy lawnmowers and hedge trimmers. Unfortunately, some of these lawnmowers have been recalled because of serious damage that they cause to consumers. Many lawnmowers, especially older models, are not equipped with safety features.

Safety features are needed so that blades don't get out of control and cut people.

Some lawnmowers have also been recalled because small pebbles get stuck in the machinery and shoot out. Again, a small pebble may not seem like it can cause serious injury, but when it is traveling at a high speed it definitely can. Some gas powered landscaping equipment has also proven dangerous because they overheat and light on fire. This not only injures people but can also cause significant property damage.

Defective Swimming Pools & Home Spas

Swimming pools seem harmless, but there have been a number of recalls because of reported cases of swimming pool injury. One example is with pool drains. Defective drains have been responsible for the drowning of adults and children alike. Why? Some drains have a suction power that is far too strong which can catch hair or bathing suits and hold them to the bottom of the pool. If proper drain covers are not in place, companies could be liable for damages. Last year, more than 1 million swimming pool drain covers were recalled for this very reason.

The same can be true with home spa drain covers. Home spas can also cause serious injury and even death because of exceedingly high temperatures. Some spas have also been recalled in the past because of malfunctions in the internal electrics that can spark and cause fire. When choosing a swimming pool or home spa, it is important to make yourself aware of current recalls and safety standards. Of course, follow common-sense safety procedures as well, such as keeping young children under close watch at all times and avoiding a pool or spa that has a broken or missing drain cover. If you or a loved one were harmed by a swimming pool or home spa, consider obtaining legal help soon.

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