Insurance Claims

Protecting Our Property. Not Taking It.

After the flood waters were released and your home was flooded, someone needs to be held accountable. Our law firm can help.

When the government decided to release the floodwaters onto our families, our friends, and our neighbors properties, they had an opportunity to make this right, and all they’re trying to do is figure out how can we not pay.

We’ve seen it case after case, time after time, client after client.

I still remember getting those first few phone calls after Harvey hit and had flooded my friends’ houses. They were calling me saying, “Kurt, we don’t know what to do. We’ve got 10 feet of water in our house, we can’t even move back into our house.” It’s not right what happened to you. You didn’t ask for this, and we’re going to make it as right as we can. We’ve been fortunate enough to have the resources to help clients all across the country.

When somebody takes something from you, they don’t just get to take it for free. They got to pay you fair compensation for it, otherwise it’s just stealing.

They chose to take your house. They chose to take your possessions. They chose not to repay what they owed and it’s not right. If you’re not prepared and if you’re not represented, you’re at their mercy. What’s more important is that they know we take care of our clients and that we get results. We’re going to do everything we can, everything in our power to get the government to do the right thing because the government is supposed to protect our property, not take our property.

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