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Shortly after New Year's in 1901, Spindletop Hill exploded and spewed out crude hundreds of feet into the air. Within two months, the small town of Beaumont, TX tripled in population and size. Dozens of companies were started up and Spindletop Hill fed into six new wells. Beaumont quite literally put the U.S. on the map—Spindletop Hill became the first major oilfield in American history and kicked off the Petroleum Age.

Beaumont could be on the verge of having the single largest refinery in the United States. In February 2018, ExxonMobil was nearing approval of its Beaumont expansion plan that would make increase the size and scope of its facility.

That sort of expansion is an economic boon for the people of Beaumont. It's going to offer thousands of people good jobs with good pay. But if oil company practices are going to remain the same—and they likely will—then what it also means is an increased chance of something going terribly wrong. Arnold & Itkin has worked with hundreds of survivors of plant accidents, including the worst explosions to occur in the United States. Our Beaumont plant explosion lawyers have seen numerous disasters occur for the same reasons: companies cut costs by neglecting maintenance and putting workers at risk.

If you or a loved one was in a refinery accident, you should know your options. We have helped workers get billions of dollars to pay the bills, get treatment, and rebuild their lives. One free phone call or simple message will get you started.

Oil Refinery Accidents

Oil refineries are among the most volatile and overworked facilities in the chemical manufacturing industry. Our nation's enormous thirst for fuel means that oil refineries are under pressure to operate 24/7 without pausing for years. The Texas City oil refinery that exploded in 2005 was producing enough gas and oil alone to meet 4 percent of the nation's fuel needs every day. As one of the largest complexes in the U.S., holdups at one large refinery can affect the price of fuel nationwide.

As a result, refinery supervisors and owners don't often shut down operations—and by the time they do, things are practically falling apart already. For instance, in 2005's Texas City oil refinery explosion, supervisors knew that the plant had grievous safety issues that needed repair, but they kept operating for several weeks longer. Shortly afterward, they suffered one of the worst oil refinery explosions in U.S. history. In many other cases, oil refineries explode during shut down operations—which might show how much more often shutdowns ought to happen.

Beaumont Burn Injury Law Firm

Of all the effects of a plant explosion—blunt force trauma, hearing damage, toxic exposure—the most common is fire. With ample fuel supplies and volatile chemicals within reach, explosions at refineries and plants can lead to large, sustained fires. In fact, it's often the fire that harms workers—not necessarily the initial force of the explosion.

Our Beaumont burn injury lawyers know that severe burns are among the costliest injuries anyone can suffer. Due to the extensive damage and the need for burn specialists, hospitalization costs for these injuries can reach up to $200,000. Survivors can expect a long road of reconstructive surgery and the loss of job opportunities.

Our hope is to help families spare themselves the anxiety of bearing these costs. Instead, we hold companies and manufacturers responsible for their negligence, allowing our clients to receive the funds they need to pay for burn treatment, put food on the table, and get their lives as normal as possible.

Refinery Disasters in Beaumont & Beyond

  • ExxonMobil Beaumont Refinery Fire Kills 2 (April 2013)
    Routine maintenance work on a heat exchanger resulted in a sudden flash fire that killed 2 workers and injured 11 more. A subsequent investigation found that 3 separate companies were in "flagrant" violation of safety rules. Cases filed by the families of the deceased workers were settled by ExxonMobil confidentially.
  • Kuraray America Plant Fire in Pasadena Injures 20 (May 2018)
    The Kuraray America refinery explosion in May 2018 inflicted burn injuries on up to 20 workers nearby. At least 2 of them were seriously injured and required transport by helicopter to a nearby hospital. The explosion is currently under investigation.
  • BP Texas City Plant Explosion Kills 15, Injures 20 (March 2005)
    The BP Texas City plant, the second-largest oil refinery facility in the U.S. at the time, was in need of serious repair—and BP knew it. Despite evidence in a report that they paid for, the plant continued operating. Within 8 weeks of a report pointing out flagrant safety issues like broken alarms and valves, a broken alarm and bad valve led to one of the worst refinery explosions in the 21st century.

$30+ Million Won for Geismar Plant Explosion Survivors

In June of 2013, a massive explosion killed 2 and injured 167 at the Williams Olefins plant in Geismar, Louisiana. Like any other negligent company, Williams Olefins knew that their reboiler system had a dangerous flaw in its system—a flaw that would only require a single mistake to turn the reboiler system into a pressurized time bomb.

Arnold & Itkin in the News

For years, the company neglected to fix the flaw—a solution that would have required a few minutes and even fewer dollars. The reason? The solution would have slowed production. Finally, despite repeated warnings that an explosion was inevitable, a worker mistakenly turned a valve to fill the reboiler...without turning on the safety valve, which was a separate operation.

The survivors of the explosion came to Arnold & Itkin because they needed help from their company while they recovered from the accident, but the company refused to show the same kind of loyalty they had been receiving for years. Our firm helped each worker prove their claim before a jury—securing tens of millions for their medical care, lost wages, and basic needs. Williams Olefins and other companies were finally forced to take their workers' safety seriously.

Wrongful Deaths at Beaumont Plants & Refineries

Every year, 2.3 million people die in work-related accidents or from work-related diseases. That's more than all of the people who died in armed conflicts worldwide. Work is dangerous, and for people working in chemical plants, oil refineries, and factories, it's only become more lethal.

Our wrongful death law firm works with families who have lost loved ones in industrial accidents to help them get justice and honor their loved one's memory. Using our resources and guidance, our clients are able to hold their loved one's bosses accountable for their carelessness and the harm it caused. More importantly, they're able to use their verdicts and settlements to provide for the family in their loved one's absence.

Our Beaumont plant explosion lawyers have helped our clients rebuild their lives with record case results, including:

  • $117 Million – This verdict was won for a group of clients who were caught in a catastrophic plant explosion.
  • $87 Million – This result was won for a refinery worker who suffered severe, life-threatening burns in a plant fire.
  • $39.7 Million – Our plant accident attorneys won this verdict on behalf of a man who was injured during a dust fire that led to an explosion at a plywood plant.
  • $30 Million – We won tens of millions in two verdicts for two groups of plant explosion survivors from the 2013 Williams Olefins disaster in Geismar. The first verdict totaled $15.45 million, and the second verdict (only weeks later) totaled $18.5 million.

Trust the Word of Other Plant Explosion Survivors

Refinery accident victims come to Arnold & Itkin because we have one goal with every case: put their lives back together. What most clients want most is a way to provide for their families—to keep the house, buy groceries, and afford a good doctor. Other people come to us looking for answers, for an explanation of what happened and why. Filing a claim against the people responsible provides both of things.

Most importantly, it allows explosion survivors a chance to start over.

Listen to what our past clients had to say about their experience with us:

“Definitely go with Arnold & Itkin because they do what they say they are going to do. They don’t give you the run around. You're looking for a firm that’s going to have your back and willing to go to trial and stick up for you. Go with Arnold & Itkin if you want results. They take their job seriously.”
Kevin Hillard

“I needed to talk, express my feelings about what I was really going through. I could always get in contact with them. This whole process, it was rough, it was hard, but Arnold & Itkin made it easy with communication, understanding, and trust. I got my life back.”
Johnny Mouton

Plant Explosion FAQ

What happens when a chemical plant explodes?

An explosion at a chemical plant has the potential to cause catastrophic damage, injuring or killing numerous workers and affecting the entire community. The combination of volatile, toxic substances and heavy equipment and machinery can create the perfect recipe for disaster. When a chemical plant explodes, harmful gases and other materials may be released into the environment, affecting air quality, groundwater, and all local homes and businesses. The workers at the plant will be at risk of suffering severe burns and crush injuries as well as harm caused by toxic exposure. When chemical plants explode, Arnold & Itkin stands firm in our commitment to help injured workers and their families. We help people throughout Beaumont, TX, and the entire U.S.

What injuries are caused by plant explosions?

Plant explosions are disasters of epic proportions. Every person at the site of an explosion and even people in nearby homes and buildings may be at risk of suffering harm. The force of the blast, fire, debris, and hazardous substances may all cause significant injuries and property damage.

The following are injuries that may be sustained in a plant explosion:

  • Broken bones
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Severe burns
  • Crush injuries
  • Amputation/loss of limb
  • Respiratory injuries
  • Injuries caused by toxic exposure

The injuries sustained in a Beaumont plant explosion will forever change workers’ lives, affecting their ability to return to work and provide for their families. At Arnold & Itkin, we step in and ensure that these workers get the care and support they so desperately need.

How can an attorney help me after a plant explosion?

If you lost a family member or were injured in a plant explosion, a long and difficult road to recovery lies ahead. You cannot count on the company to help. Even the insurance company will not put your interests first. You need someone who will actively work to protect your rights and help you recover the financial compensation you need for your medical treatment, ongoing care, and living expenses. You need the type of settlement that will ensure you’re taken care of for life. That’s the goal at Arnold & Itkin. We set right the wrongs caused by safety violations and negligence committed by plant owners in Beaumont, across Texas, and throughout the nation.

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Here's how it works: once you call, we go over your best options moving forward. If we can help you, we'll cover the costs of the case from start to finish. All the expenses of the case are advanced against your verdict or settlement, including our fee. No bills, no invoices—all you need to worry about is getting better. In some cases, the law allows you to even advance some of your basic living expenses, allowing you to get to normal even faster. Our firm takes on the risk, so if you don't win your case, we'll absorb the expenses. No matter what, you'll never see a bill from us.

Call (888) 493-1629 or contact us online for a 100% free consultation. We can explain your options while helping you take the next step.

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  • $97 Million Massive Settlement Secured for Refinery Workers Arnold & Itkin is proud to share that after months of preparation for trial, our firm was able to secure a huge settlement for clients who were injured in a refinery fire. Find out more now.
  • $92.7 Million Record Settlement for Burn Injury Victim Arnold & Itkin LLP secured a substantial settlement for a man who suffered severe burns in an accident at his job. The settlement set a new record statewide for workers with similar injuries.
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“If I knew somebody who was hurt or injured, I would definitely recommend Arnold & Itkin. They just have a lot of integrity. They did what they said they were going to do—things didn’t work one way, they would find a way to make things work. They were always there for us.”
Joel Work Accident Victim

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