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Landscape & Soil Defects in Construction

Construction defects reduce the value of your property and can cause physical harm to those who occupy the residence. It is natural for wear and tear to occur in any home, but when a new structure is displaying signs of construction defects, actions need to be taken against the contractor. Construction defects can include electrical units, water pipes, and even landscape and soil defects are the responsibility of the contractor.

Two types of soil can cause issues if the proper strategy is not used in installation:

  • Expansive Soils
    Expansive soil expands. The soil, in this case, can swell and create pressure that may cause cracks and sinks in your landscaping, even shifting the pavement and walls.
  • Collapsing Soils
    This type of soil is loosely packed and can become mushy and clay-like. Collapsing soils, if not properly installed, can cause cracks in pavement and retaining walls.

The soil on your property can also become contaminated by chemicals. This can happen if a tank is punctured during construction or when waste is dumped into the soil. Soil contamination can even start to affect your water supply, so accurate installation of landscaping and soil is essential.

Per the California Statutes of Limitation for Construction Defects: "Soils shall not cause the land upon which the structure is built to become unusable for the purpose for which the land is to be used."

This goes for as long as 10 years after completion. Landscaping defects deal with anything from pathways to patios, but no violations can be brought more than four years after the close of escrow. If something is determined a defect, the contractor must have it fixed or fix it themselves.

How a Houston Business Lawyer Can Help

If a contractor cuts corners and your property is negatively affected, they can and should be held responsible. You should not have to suffer because of someone else's error. Because there is limited time to act after construction has been completed, if you notice a defect in your landscaping or soil, it is important to seek the legal expertise of our firm. If faulty materials were used during construction, you may be entitled to a claim. You do not want to be the one who ends up having to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to have your home or business rebuilt after construction defects. At Arnold & Itkin, we can investigate your case and fight to see you do not have to pay a penny you are not responsible for.

If you or someone you know is experiencing construction defects, contact our business litigation lawyers today. We can be reached at (888) 493-1629.

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