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Mergers and acquisitions are a type of corporate strategy used for business advancement. In a way, businesses build alliances with other businesses so that they can benefit financially. When businesses want to grow in their area of trade they often commence in mergers and acquisitions. Sometimes businesses do this because they want to enter a new field of the market. They might acquire a business who specializes in the arena that they want to become involved in, to which they might acquire, merge with, or enter into a joint venture with that company.

Maybe you recently found out that your business is going to be acquired by another. This may mean that you are losing your job title, your wages may be lowered, or your benefits have changed. If you believe that the business merger that you are involved in is hurting you unjustly, then you may be able to get help from a business lawyer. Mergers and acquisitions do not always work as people plan. In fact, they often fail. If you believe that a merger or acquisition have wronged you or your business, then you have the right to speak with a skilled attorney today.

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Acquisitions are high-stakes operations. People's jobs are up in the air, and shareholders could see millions in investment lose value overnight. Mergers also remove competition from the market, which is sometimes harmful to other businesses. That's why M&A litigation is so tightly regulated: the process must abide by the law. If a merger does not abide by its contractual obligations or is poorly handled, then stakeholders have the right to demand answers in court. That's exactly what Arnold & Itkin does.

For entrepreneurs and investors, mergers and acquisitions mean two things: it means hiring a lawyer at the beginning of the process to ensure a well-structured merger. It also means hiring a lawyer when investors or stakeholders are wronged by the merger. Shareholders have a right to stop or render a merger moot if they would not benefit fairly from the acquisition of or by another company.

As an employee of a business acquiring or being acquired by another, you also have rights, particularly if you're being terminated as a result of the deal. While you may not be able to prevent the merger, you do have the right to hold the business accountable to its promises to you—especially if you are entitled to a severance package under your current employment contract.

When people's lives and livelihoods are at stake, they call Arnold & Itkin to get back to normal. If that's what you need, we want to help.

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At Arnold & Itkin, we understand the legal obstacles you're facing during a merger or acquisition. In fact, many of our attorneys attended business school, graduating with honors, and then went on to work in the business world before entering into legal practice. With this comprehensive understanding of business and trial law, we can help you discover anyway in which you can be compensated. If you believe that you are being mistreated, then you have every right to speak with a Houston business lawyer from our firm to find out how we can help you.

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