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The aquatic center is a popular destination for many families during hot summer days. Aquatic centers often have large lap pools and water recreation areas that are fun for adults and children. Unfortunately, aquatic centers across the country are where people can also suffer serious or fatal injuries. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission discovered that an average of 393 deaths occur every year due to drowning accidents in swimming pools and spas. The unhealthy behaviors of pool goers have put swimmers at a 200 percent higher risk in developing recreational water illnesses in recent years.

If you or your loved one were injured or drowned in an aquatic center, contact the aquatic center accident lawyers at Arnold & Itkin. Our firm has helped thousands of injured people nationwide get the compensation they needed after serious accidents. Our firm has recovered billions of dollars on behalf of our clients; we have the experience, resources, and case history to fight for the financial relief you need to pay off medical bills, recover lost income, pay for funeral expenses, and secure your future.

If you were injured or you lost your loved one at an aquatic center, contact our nationwide aquatic center accident attorneys today at (888) 493-1629 for a free consultation!

Common Aquatic Center Accidents Across the Nation

Aquatic and swimming pool accidents can result in serious and life-threatening injuries that can harm a person for the rest of their life. Unfortunately, many of these accidents occur because aquatic center owners fail to provide visitors with a safe environment. Many are negligent because they disregard safety violations and fail to repair hazards or hire lifeguards.

Common accidents that occur at aquatic centers across the United States include:

  • Slip & Falls: Pool decks and surrounding areas are often wet and increase the risks of a slip and fall accident. If the tile or cement surrounding the pool has cracks, walking around the pool can be hazardous for children and adults like.
  • Diving Board Injuries: According to the Ohio State University Medical School, about 6,500 adolescents go to the emergency room every year for traumatic diving-related injuries.
  • Lack of Supervision: It is vital for aquatic centers to have adequate supervision, especially at peak hours and throughout the summer. A lifeguard needs to have their eyes on the water to identify potential hazards and emergencies. Lifeguard supervision can prevent serious injuries and fatal accidents.
  • Drowning Accidents: Believe it or not, most drowning victims can go completely unnoticed in a crowded environment. Statistics revealed that about 750 children drown every swimming season, and half of these accidents occurred within 25 yards of an adult.
  • Chemical Exposure Injuries: With more than 300 million Americans visiting pools every year, injuries can result due to continuous exposure to disinfectants. Although disinfectants are vital for hygienic pools, chemical agents can react with organic and inorganic material in the water to form disinfection byproducts (DBP).
  • Chlorine Poisoning: This occurs when pool managers add too much chlorine to the water. Chlorine poisoning symptoms include coughing, difficulty breathing, and fluid buildup inside the lungs. Chlorine poisoning is deadly on its own, but can also contribute to a drowning incident.

Call Our Aquatic Center Attorneys Today to Hold Negligent Managers Accountable

If you or a loved one sustained injuries in a pool accident at an aquatic center, our aquatic center lawyers can help you hold them accountable for your injuries. Our firm is here to help you get the financial relief you need to get your life back, or as the law puts it, to “make you whole.” We have helped thousands of clients get compensation so that they can pay off medical bills or funeral expenses, recover lost wages, and secure their future. We have recovered billions of dollars on behalf of our clients, so call us to learn how we can help you.

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