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Every day, millions of emergency vehicles transporting patients in need of immediate medical attention speed down roads at high speeds. With their screeching sirens and bright lights, ambulances notify those in the area of their presence, urging a path to be cleared. However, like any other vehicle on the road, ambulances are vulnerable to collisions—especially considering their high speeds.

Patients and other passengers aboard ambulances have a reasonable expectation of arriving at their destinations safely. If you or a loved one has been injured in an ambulance accident where the paramedic or another driver was at fault, you may have grounds to pursue compensation, and you should speak with an ambulance accident lawyer right away. Arnold & Itkin is committed to getting you the answers that you're looking for.

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Historical Ambulance Accident Recovery

At Arnold & Itkin, we have personal experience with these types of unfortunate accidents. Our team of personal injury attorneys made Louisiana state history by achieving a $117 million verdict for a woman who sustained serious injuries in an ambulance accident. The victim was seven months pregnant when she began experiencing stomach pains. The ambulance driver assigned to the unit that responded to her call had a track record of poor driving and weak eyesight. After succumbing to a distraction, the driver caused the vehicle to drive into the back of another truck.

Our client suffered multiple serious injuries including permanent paralysis and gave birth to her daughter prematurely. At the time of the verdict, her medical bills had already amounted to $1.4 million and future care was predicted to reach $30 million. Arnold & Itkin successfully held the insurance company liable for injuries and expenses, gaining a historical verdict on behalf of our client.

Adding Additional Injuries

As a department of medical professionals, emergency medical technician (EMT) personnel manning automotive ambulances are not only responsible for exercising care as emergency medical providers, but also as operators of motor vehicles on the road. While they can drive at higher speeds, they are transporting injured passengers and their family members who may be suffering from a variety of illnesses/injuries. Therefore, paramedics—as well as ambulance drivers—have a serious responsibility to exercise care in the operation of the vehicle in addition to providing the patient on board with necessary and caring medical attention.

Injuries sustained by patients on board ambulances may occur after:

  • The ambulance loses control by itself
  • A collision takes place that involves one or more vehicles
  • The paramedic fails to secure the patient properly
  • Sudden acceleration propels the gurney or drops materials onto the patient

Driver or paramedic inattentiveness, distraction, or indiscretion can place the patient, accompanying loved ones, pedestrians, and other vehicles in unnecessary danger. Ambulance drivers do not have unregulated license to drive however they want to because of their position. Rather, with added liberties come serious responsibilities and a higher standard. As professional drivers, they are more accountable for their decisions.

Ambulance drivers must factor in the safety of their passengers as well as other drivers when making decisions on the road. Likewise, the rush of a task should never lead paramedics to half-heartedly ensure the security of a patient before loading him/her onto the vehicle or starting the drive. The safety of the patient and any other passengers should be the highest priority for the on-site team.

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