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When multiple people are harmed by the same party or parties, they might have unique damages they need to recover. Though they have different damages, the core of their case might be the same as others suffering from a similar problem. When this happens, something known as a mass tort might be the best option for their recovery.

If you’re uncertain whether you have a mass tort claim or a class action case, it’s important to speak with a law firm. While they’re similar, the results a person can obtain through a mass tort when compared to a class action lawsuit can be drastically different. Calling Arnold & Itkin will help you discover your options by connecting you with a firm that has recovered record-setting verdicts and settlements on behalf of clients.

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What Is a Mass Tort?

It’s important to know what the word “tort” means. In simplest terms, a tort is the legal term for an injury caused by the negligence of another person. When a person suffers because of another party, they can file a personal injury claim. When many people suffer from the negligence of another party, they might be able to file a mass tort.

Mass torts are designed to help people suffering from the same source of injury. They differ from class action lawsuits because each person involved in a mass tort can seek the compensation they need rather than split a settlement or verdict with others.

How Mass Torts Work

During a mass tort, several named plaintiffs join together in a single action. Parts of the case that apply to all plaintiffs would be worked on jointly in a single courtroom. However, parts of the case that were unique to each person (type and severity of injury) would be worked on separately. If victorious, each plaintiff would receive a settlement offer or have the choice of pursuing further compensation.

Mass torts might apply to injuries involving:

For example, if a mass tort is filed because of a defective drug, it’s likely that each party involved suffered from that drug in different ways. While some people might suffer minor damages from the defective drug, other people might sustain serious, costly, and life-changing complications from it. Mass torts enable these individuals to combine their cases while appealing for the compensation that they personally need from the case.

Mass Torts & Multi-District Litigation (MDL)

Often, mass torts follow a legal proceeding known as multi-district litigation (MDL). This combines multiple lawsuits and brings them before a single federal judge. From here, the judge appoints a group of attorneys to be the plaintiffs’ steering committee (PSC). The PSC gathers evidence and presents their case. While the MDL process can take years, they can result in a potential settlement for anyone involved with a mass tort. In other cases, the MDL process might result in results that can help inform the case value of other cases of a mass tort.

The multi-district litigation process can help:

  • Gather evidence for everyone involved with a case
  • Determine the value of claims
  • Help individuals decide if they’d like to settle or pursue further compensation

In some instances, a person might decide to accept a settlement that results from the MDL process. In other instances, they can enlist the help of a law firm to present their individual case and seek compensation that extends beyond the settlement offer. When choosing a law firm for your MDL claim, it’s important to make sure you have one that will work in your best interest. A law firm should be prepared to fight for results that are fair for you if the MDL settlement is not right for you needs.

Find Out Your Options Are from Our Mass Tort Law Firm: (888) 493-1629

Whether you’re suffering from a dangerous pharmaceutical or a defective product, our team is standing by to help. At Arnold & Itkin, we’re focused on getting the results that clients deserve rather than the one they’re initially offered. If clients need more than they’re offered, we never hesitate to demand the compensation they deserve.

We never back down from a fight and have earned a national reputation thanks to our record-setting results. In fact, we helped secure one of the largest single-plaintiff verdicts in United States history. We did this by holding Johnson & Johnson accountable for producing and selling the harmful drug Risperdal to children. In other words, we're a firm that has a history of securing the best results during mass tort litigation. When the other side sees we’re on a case, they know they have a fight ahead of them. No matter what.

Call our mass tort attorneys now at (888) 493-1629 for a free and confidential consultation. You deserve to know what your options are, and we’re ready to help you explore them. We handle mass tort cases across the nation.

Common Questions

  • Is a Mass Tort the Same as a Class Action Lawsuit?

    No. Class action lawsuits enable people with similar damages to seek compensation from the same party. Mass torts enable people with damages from the same party or parties file a consolidated claim while seeking different amounts of compensation. Additionally, mass torts always involve injuries while class action lawsuits involve many types of legal issues. A class action lawsuit is focused on getting the same results for many people and mass torts can produce different results for all involved. Often, class action lawsuits are used for lower value cases where each person involved wouldn't have enough of a claim to pursue individual compensation.

  • Are Mass Tort Results Shared by Plaintiffs?

    No, mass tort plaintiffs do not split any result they obtain from their case. This is because mass tort verdicts and settlements are handled on a case-by-case basis. In some instances, a mass tort can result in a settlement offer for all involved with it. However, a plaintiff can decide if they'll accept this offer or pursue additional compensation. This is different from class action lawsuits that have plaintiffs split any settlement or verdict.

  • Why Are Mass Torts Filed?

    Mass torts are useful when individuals are suffering because of the same reason. Filing many cases at once can slow down courts and make the process less efficient for plaintiffs. During a mass tort filing, something known as multi-district litigation can help gather evidence and inform others about the potential value and legal standing of their case.

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