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Though they are known to be man’s best friend, dogs are still animals and can act out of instinct without any warning signs. If you have been a victim of an animal attack, do not hesitate to get caring and qualified counsel during this trying time. Arnold & Itkin can be your guides and counsel through every step of your case. Our team fights to get you more than money. We fight to get you answers and the assurance that something like this will never happen to you again. We fight to get you justice. That's why our clients turn to us again and again.

In fact, we have frequently exceeded client expectations by:

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Dog bites can cause serious, life-changing injuries. If you're concerned about what steps to take following your attack, now is the time to call our firm at (888) 493-1629

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Filing Dog Bite Claims in the State of Texas

First, it is important to understand your rights in these types of cases. Falling under premises liability in Texas, dog bite claims can be complex. Texas doesn’t have a statute that covers dog bite claims, but state adopted the “negligence” or “one bite rule” for these types of cases.

An injured victim must be able to show:

  • The owner knew the dog previously bit someone;
  • The owner knew their dog has been aggressive;
  • The owner was negligent in controlling their dog; or
  • The owner failed to take steps to prevent injury.

What exactly does this mean? You will either need to demonstrate through strong evidence that the dog had an aggressive nature or a past history of attacking people, or that the owner was irresponsible and negligent in their restraint of the animal. In either case, our Houston dog bite lawyers may be able to recover compensation for your damages, including medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses.

What Is Considered Dog Owner Negligence?

Typically, dog bites occur due to an owner being negligent. This can take many shapes and forms, such as an owner letting their dog roam around the neighborhood without a proper leash or even failing to repair a damaged fence around their backyard where the dog is. Regardless of the specific scenario, the claim will fall under premises liability, since the pet is considered to be the dog owner’s property.

In premises liability cases, you only have two years to file a claim in order to be within the statute of limitations. Further, you must fully demonstrate that the owner failed to act in a reasonable manner and provide the duty of care owed to other individuals, thus causing your injuries. This can take extensive experience and skill to do, which is why having the team at Arnold & Itkin on your side is invaluable. You deserve the best attorney.

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