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For decades, American industry has made our nation one of the most productive and wealthy in the world. Our industry is built on the hard work and expertise of our workforce: hard-working men and women who go to work so that the rest of America can benefit from their effort. Even when the work is hazardous, difficult, or time-consuming, our neighbors continue heading into factories and refineries all over Louisiana.

These places are often the site of an industrial accident:

However, whatever the hazards workers face, it’s every business’ obligation to mitigate or eliminate those hazards to the best of their ability. All employees and contract workers are entitled to safety equipment, frequent maintenance, and adequate training—all of which are vital to a safe and functioning workplace. That’s what our Lake Charles industrial accident attorneys fight for every day. When businesses fail to provide these things, they’re responsible for the accidents and tragedies that inevitably occur as a result.

If you or a loved one was harmed as a result of workplace negligence, speak with our Lake Charles industrial accident lawyers today. Review your options with an attorney for free: dial (888) 493-1629 or use our short online form.

The Consequences of Industrial Accidents

Large machines, toxic chemicals, and heavy materials place those who work in industrial settings at a heightened level of risk compared to office workers. However, this does not mean it is acceptable when accidents occur. Supervisors and corporate executives alike are tasked with keeping their workers as safe as possible—which means paying for their losses once they’ve been hurt.

It is the duty of employers to prevent work injuries like:

When they fail to do so, it leaves workers without the ability to make a living or afford medical care. Combined, those two losses alone put most families in a financial hole they’re unable to climb out of. Meanwhile, the company refuses to offer any relief while it shields itself from liability—forcing injured workers into extreme debt and a lifetime of financial instability.

The Evolution of Labor Safety

Lake Charles industrial accident attorneys at Arnold & Itkin LLP.In 1970, nearly 100 years after the start of the Industrial Revolution, labor protections were still not where they needed to be. With death and injury still occurring at high levels in American industry, something had to change. When it was passed, the Occupational Safety and Health Act was an attempt to make workers safe by making employers responsible for workplace safety and education. While this act was a landmark step towards preventing industrial accidents, employers continue to violate the law.

Employers are required to ensure that accidents do not happen by resolving hazards quickly and immediately. If you believe that your workplace is unsafe, you should report it immediately to management. If your company ignores your reports, they may be liable for damages if an industrial accident occurs. At Arnold & Itkin, we are proud of the results we have been able to obtain for workers who have suffered due to negligence by those responsible for their safety.

The 2013 Williams Olefins Refinery Explosion

When the Williams Olefins refinery exploded in Geismar, Louisiana it took 2 lives and injured 167. In our investigation, we discovered that a safety valve failure caused the accident. However, it was not an unexpected incident. We found that William Olefins was alerted about the flaw years before the explosion. If this flaw would have been fixed immediately, two people would still be alive and countless others would not be battling injuries to this day. However, the company neglected to address the issue and it went unfixed for years.

Arnold & Itkin was proud to help the survivors recover their medical expenses and lost wages. Once we presented our findings in court, we vigorously fought to obtain results for our clients. We were able to prove that the company was negligent, and the court awarded our clients two verdicts totaling over $30 million. After so much resistance from the refinery owner, the employees were finally able to rebuild their lives.

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When industrial accidents happen, they cause physical, emotional, and psychological pain for the people that suffer them. Arnold & Itkin understand the pain involved with these incidents. As a result, we have earned billions in results for our clients. Our victories let workers know that we are a law firm that will not stop fighting for those we represent. In our experience, there is no case too daunting to be taken and no company too powerful to be challenged. We've beaten some of the largest petrochemical companies in the world. Put your trust in us.

If you have been harmed in an accident at work, speak with one of our industrial accident lawyers today. Call (888) 493-1629 to learn how you may recover your medical costs, lost wages, and more.

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