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While industrial work may be inherently dangerous, companies still have an obligation to provide reasonably safe work environments, to follow safety standards, and to properly train their workers. The dangers of industrial work are well known, and employers have the legal and moral obligation to make sure they prevent them. When an accident does happen, responsible parties shouldn’t escape accountability as workers struggle to recover.

At Arnold & Itkin, we know what it takes to be the advocates that workers deserve after serious industrial accidents. We’ve stepped in after significant factory, plant, and manufacturing accidents to demand the compensation good people need after the worst injuries. Over the years, our Pasadena, TX work accident lawyers have secured billions of dollars for clients facing difficult situations. We refuse to back down from a fight because we know our results rebuild lives. Call us today to find out how we can help you.

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Types of Pasadena, TX Industrial Workplace Accidents

Industrial accidents happen in the factories, fields, and facilities that produce some of the most important products for the American economy. Any worker may be at risk of suffering a serious injury.

Common locations for work accidents include the following:

These locations are filled with dangerous machinery, hazardous materials, and hostile working conditions. When safety is prioritized, workers can make a living in the industries associated with industrial work. However, just a moment of negligence or too many cost-saving measures can trigger an accident that changes lives forever.

In 1970, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration was created to make sure companies do what it takes to protect workers. While OSHA has been successful at decreasing injury and death rates at American worksites, it doesn’t have the ability to make sure every employer is doing what it takes to protect their employees. While some employers get away with cutting corners for years, they place workers at constant and unnecessary risk. If they aren’t caught before an accident, they deserve to answer for their recklessness after one happens.

Fatal Industrial Accidents in Pasadena, TX

The very nature of an industrial accident means there is a higher probability that it will cause catastrophic or even fatal injuries. When families lose loved ones, our Pasadena industrial death lawyers are there to help them pick up the pieces. We know there is nothing that can be done to replace the hole left behind by a family member. We also know that finding answers and seeing the responsible party held accountable can bring much-needed peace of mind. It can also help a grieving family get the support they need to face a more stable future. That's what we aim to accomplish at Arnold & Itkin when we take on a case involving a fatal industrial accident.

Our Pasadena, TX Work Injury Lawyers Are Recognized Nationwide

For a large company, work accidents can represent little more than an insurance payout. For the workers involved with the accident, it can mean things will never be the same again. When this happens, we refuse to back down. We demand the compensation clients need to rebuild their lives. Workers are more than the cost of doing business, and we’re never happy until we’ve made sure a company or other negligent party is reminded of this .

Our team fights to recover losses caused by industrial accidents including:

  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Medical bills
  • Costs of future medical care

Calling Arnold & Itkin means getting help from a team that will thoroughly investigate your accident, approach it from every angle, and work with your interests as a priority. We’ve heard every excuse in the book from insurance companies, large companies, and people who could have stopped the suffering from others. Over the years, we’ve learned one thing: excuses are never enough to make what happened to our clients acceptable.

Call us now at (888) 493-1629 for a free consultation with our Pasadena industrial accident law firm. We’re ready to listen to your story and help you find options.

Common Questions

  • Why Do Industrial Accidents Happen?

    Accidents happen for many reasons. Sometimes, machinery wasn’t properly maintained. Other times, workers weren’t properly trained to make sure operations are smooth. Other incidents happen when a perfect combination of events trigger an accident. While all industrial accidents are different, they usually share a common characteristic: the negligence of a responsible party.

    Industrial injuries may be caused by defective tools, equipment, or machinery, lack of proper personal protection equipment, poorly designed machinery or equipment, lack of maintenance/improper maintenance, lack of adequate training and supervision, unsafe storage methods, lack of proper ventilation, and overwork or fatigue.

  • What Types of Injuries Are Caused by Industrial Accidents?

    Injuries caused by industrial accidents are often serious and require extensive medical treatment. The nature of industrial worksites means that injuries sustained during accidents at one often have lasting repercussions for workers. Chemical and thermal burns, electrocution or electric shock, toxic exposure, fall injuries, blunt force trauma, and crushing injuries are all examples of potential industrial injuries.

    These injuries aren’t just painful, they cause a person to experience hardships from medical debt, lost wages, and more. If a person is suffering from an industrial accident, they deserve the compensation required to get their life back on track. This is what we fight for when a person turns to our Pasadena industrial injury lawyers for help.

  • How Much Does Hiring a Pasadena, TX Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

    At Arnold & Itkin, we make our services attainable to anyone because we work on something known as a contingency fee. When we accept a case, we cover all costs associated with it and will only collect a payment if we win results in it. This way, our clients don’t have to worry about additionally financial strain and know that we’re as invested in results as they need us to be.
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