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Nationwide factory accident lawyers at Arnold & Itkin LLP.Over the last 100 years, American workers and lawyers have successfully fought for a safer environment for the workforce. However, plant explosions, relaxed safety procedures, and other dangerous events still occur too often in the workplace. When these events occur, they are usually a result of ignoring the safety standards set by OSHA and other worker advocate groups.

Arnold & Itkin is proud to fight for workers today. We have a history of victories that show we are champions for a safe and productive work environment. When a disaster occurs, our factory accident lawyers believe people deserve a law firm that will be their advocates every step of the way. Those who are in power and allow others to suffer catastrophic injuries must be held accountable.

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American Factory Accidents

  • Imperial Sugary Refinery Explosion – On February 7, 2008, the Imperial Sugar Refinery in Port Wentworth, Georgia exploded. Of the 112 employees in the factory, nearly half of them were killed or injured. The tragic incident took the lives of 13 people and injured 42 more. The accident occurred due to outdated practices and unsafe construction.
  • Zonolite Vermiculite Contamination – In 1999, a company was exposed for knowingly exposing workers and the public to asbestos. They were discovered when workers at vermiculite factories and mines experienced increased numbers of death and illness. However, sickness was not limited to the plant; citizens of the nearby town experienced heightened illness and death rates. It is estimated that over 250 people died due to the company’s carelessness.
  • The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire – On March 25, 1911, a fire broke out at the Triangle Shirtwaist factory. The victims were unable to escape the factory, as the doors were locked—a measure employed to prevent workers from taking breaks or stealing. It killed 146 workers and injuring 71 more. Most died from burn injuries and smoke inhalation, while others jumped to their death in an attempt to escape the flames.

A Pattern of Carelessness

Over 409 lives in just 3 incidents—this is how many people have had their lives taken away due to the reckless actions of the companies that should have taken care of them. Arnold & Itkin makes sure companies are held accountable for their reckless decisions. Our clients have secured billions of dollars from those whose negligence caused them to suffer. Our dedication to victory has ensured that each person we work for earns the compensation needed to pay medical debt, cover lost wages, and assist in the pain and suffering experienced after a tragedy.

Some of Our Factory Accident Attorney’s Victories

  • $171 million for a group of refinery workers severely injured in a workplace fire. Burns are one of the costliest injuries and we are proud to have helped our clients afford the care they deserve.
  • $97 million won for workers injured in a refinery fire.
  • $39.7 million in damages for a client who sustained severe burn injuries after a dust fire at the Georgia Pacific Plywood plant. Arnold & Itkin attorneys presented a strong case that was later upheld by a Texas court when an appeal was attempted.
  • $33.95 million in combined settlements for those who suffered in the 2013 Williams Olefins plant explosion in Geismar, LA. The company was warned in the early 2000s that a reboiler system they used had a flaw that could cause them to explode.

Each of these cases reveals a crucial quality in our factory accident attorneys: we are dedicated to winning for our clients. We understand how hard recovery can be. Our firm strives to provide the resources, experience, and dedication required to stabilize your life after a tragedy. We are prepared to build your case, prove your case, and hold the responsible parties accountable until the very end. When you want to know what happened and who was at fault, Arnold & Itkin LLP is ready to discuss your case with you.

Reach out by phone at (888) 493-1629, or use our short online form. Once connected with one of our attorneys, we’ll review your case with you and advise you on your best legal options. Our clients do not pay anything unless their case is won.

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