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If there is a chemical spill, there must be safe cleanup procedures in place to ensure that accident and injury do not ensue. For those who work at a chemical plant, the employer is responsible for maintaining a safe working atmosphere. Therefore, it is their responsibility to ensure that there is some clean up procedure in place to be followed in the event of a chemical spill. Most companies have a spill response plan set up, so it is important that all employees are fully informed as to how to respond in these situations.

What To Do in the Event of a Toxic Spill

Following a spill, workers must immediately alert coworkers and supervisors. If clothing was contaminated, they must be removed, and skin must be flushed for at least 15 minutes. This will ensure workers do not sustain chemical burns. When the flammable material is spilled, there is also an increased risk of fire. In this case, it may be necessary to contact the fire department and a hazardous material team so they can contain the spill. Chemical spills may not only be contained in the chemical plant; in fact, chemical spills may also affect the surrounding areas. Serious chemical spills can cause property damage, as well as injury to innocent victims. These spills may also cause explosions and fires.

If your employer did not have a proper spill plan in place or employees at your place of work were not properly trained on how to handle a situation of this nature, then you may be entitled to recover financial compensation.

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If you have been injured by a chemical spill, you should speak with a personal injury lawyer from our firm as soon as you can. Accidents of this nature are incredibly serious, so don't let your employer try to dissuade you from seeking legal help. At Arnold & Itkin, we have helped hundreds of people who have been injured by chemical plant accidents obtain the recovery that they deserve. We can hold the responsible party accountable for your injuries, which is exactly what we will fight to do should you become a client of our firm. If you want help like this from a skilled attorney familiar with plant and refinery accidents, contact us today. We are proud to offer free case evaluations!

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