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When company negligence injures or kills refinery workers, Arnold & Itkin holds them accountable to help workers and their families rebuild their lives. Our Lafayette plant accident lawyers have gotten more than $20 billion in verdicts and settlements for our clients, including record-setting results for some of the largest plant and refinery explosions in recent history. More importantly, we’ve helped our clients achieve financial security for medical care, lost wages, lowered quality of life, and more.

We’ve represented workers in accidents involving:

You may not even know what caused the accident or who might be responsible. All you know is that your loved one was in a serious accident that may change your lives forever. Stay focused on them; let our team worry about getting answers and making things right. We’ll fight to get you everything you need, no matter what.

Chiedu Obi Refinery Explosion

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Get Answers & Accountability After Lafayette Explosions

While Lafayette and Louisiana are major parts of the oil and gas industry, it doesn't make explosions that harm workers acceptable. Explosions are often as physically catastrophic as they are visibly terrifying. Workers in the path of explosions face serious injuries that can have life-altering implications. Often, these injuries are so severe that they result in death, forcing grieving families to wonder what to do next.

Louisiana explosions often happen because of:

  • Improper gas well maintenance
  • Unsafe oil rig drilling practices
  • Inadequately maintained refineries
  • Pipeline accidents

No matter what the cause of an explosion is, one thing is certain: workers should never suffer from them. Companies are responsible for making sure workers are trained, facilities are maintained, and that every step to prevent explosions is taken. When they fail to do this, our Lafayette explosions lawyers are ready to hold them accountable. 

The St. Mary Parish Well Explosion

In May  2021, a gas well exploded in the Gulf of Mexico in St. Mary's Parish, approximately 70 miles from Lafayette. The explosion occurred as Wild Well Control, a contractor, was attempting to cap a well owned by Texas Petroleum Investment Company. Texas Petroleum initially tried to cap the well and called Wild Well Control after failing to do so. Officials remain uncertain where the spark came from that ignited the well came from. The incident injured eight people, sending four of them to the burn units in local hospitals. Notably, the explosion was the second explosion involving a Texas Petroleum Investment Company property in less than a year. In August of 2020, a platform owned by the company exploded, igniting a fire near 15,000 gallons of oil.

Sulphur Chemical Plant Explosion at Westlake Chemical

At least five people were injured by a chemical plant explosion in Sulphur, Louisiana in September 2021. Residents in nearby Lake Charles and Hammond reported feeling the explosion from miles away. As of this writing, we’re happy to report that there were no fatalities. However, one of the workers in the explosion was left with severe burns over half of his body. The cause of the explosion at Westlake Chemical hasn’t been uncovered. However, we do know that the plant was going through a turnaround when the explosion ignited. In our experience, explosions are tied to turnarounds because shutdown operations puts pressure on the system where there’s been corner-cutting or serious neglect.

Speak with Lafayette Plant & Refinery Accident Lawyers for Help

When our firm takes a case, we fight to win. No matter how big the defendant, how complex the accident, or how costly the investigation, we pour everything we have into making sure our clients get what they need. It’s why people have turned to us for help after some of the worst industrial accidents in recent history.

Our past and current clients include survivors of:

Our Lafayette refinery and plant accident lawyers have the resources, experience, and reputation to hold your employer accountable for what they did to your family. By leveraging our past results and our reputation for relentless advocacy, we’ll fight to make them pay for your medical care, long-term treatment, current and future lost wages, and anything else your family needs to rebuild. We’ll do whatever it takes to get your life back.

No matter what.

Call (888) 493-1629 or contact us online to schedule a free, confidential consultation. Let’s discuss your options and figure out how we can get what you need.

Common Questions

  • Do I Need a Plant Injury Lawyer?

    It’s far more likely that you’ll uncover what happened to you or your loved one if you enlist the help of a Lafayette refinery injury attorney. Plant and refinery accident lawyers have vast experience investigating industrial accidents, often in the chemical or oil-and-gas industry. We’re familiar with industrial procedures like turnarounds and their relationship to serious accidents. Just as importantly, we’re familiar with the ways companies attempt to cover up their mistakes via shell companies, temporary fixes, and a number of other tactics.
  • What Causes Plant & Refinery Accidents?

    There could be any number of technical causes, but the root factor is corner-cutting. Longer shifts, fewer breaks, less down-time for maintenance, and smaller crews all make catastrophic injury or explosion more likely. A related factor is aging and defective equipment, which is a result of long-term neglect and cost-cutting as well. Every year that companies don’t invest in updating their equipment and infrastructure is another year that workers face a higher likelihood of disaster.
  • Who Is Liable for a Refinery Accident in Lafayette?

    The plant or refinery owner is responsible in most cases. As the owner and employer, companies are responsible for maintenance, safety policy, and general risk mitigation. If there’s an accident, it will be traced back to an employer policy or decision 9 out of 10 times. In cases where the employer isn’t at fault, it’s usually a contractor or manufacturer. For instance, we recently won a case where a man was killed by a valve that was poorly repaired by a third party. In that situation, the employer was only found 10% at fault.
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