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Texas leads the nation with oil production. Underneath Texas soil lies over 5 billion barrels of proven reserves. Because of this, the oil and gas industry accounts for 24.3 percent of the state’s economy and about 14.3 percent of its jobs. While important, the oil and gas industry is also one of the most dangerous industries for American workers—they face dangerous machinery, toxic substances, and the risk of serious explosions each day on the job.

From derrick operators to roughnecks and truck drivers, the oil industry has earned a reputation for mistreating all types of workers. Though every company doesn’t misbehave, many take advantage of workers with a focus on profit. For examples, some employers fail to maintain equipment, don’t provide adequate safety training, and cut corners in other ways that boost their profits while placing the men and women who make their fortunes at risk. This is unacceptable, and our Fort Worth oilfield accident law firm is ready to stand up for injured workers.

If you’ve sustained injuries because of a preventable oilfield accident, Arnold & Itkin is ready to help. Call our Fort Worth oilfield accident attorneys now at (888) 493-1629 for a free consultation. We help clients throughout the nation, including those in Dallasand Fort Worth!

Oilfield Accidents

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We’re Not Afraid to Take on Fort Worth’s Largest Oil Companies

When oilfield workers are injured during an accident, it’s understandable that they often feel intimidated by their company. Most employers operating in Texas oilfields are industry giants, with many of them being international companies with an army of lawyers and vast resources. The goal of our team is to level the playing field by bringing the fight back to them.

Our Fort Worth oilfield accident attorneys handle cases against companies such as the following:

Causes of Oilfield Accidents

Derrick workers know how dangerous oilfield work is. Working in the oilfield requires safety equipment, training, experience, and having a team that looks out for each other. The slightest equipment malfunction can trigger an explosion. Or, doing something as simple as transporting product via pipeline or truck can be a dangerous and risk-filled task.

Common oilfield accident causes include the following:

When an accident happens during the process mentioned above, companies often try to shift blame to workers. However, the truth is that they’re legally responsible for making sure accidents don’t happen. Companies often fail to follow regulations, reduce workplace hazards, and make sure every worker is trained to handle any situation on the oilfield. From toxic exposure during fracking to serious burn injuries during drilling, the dangers are well known—it’s up to oilfield companies to protect workers from them at all costs.

Exhaustion: A Common Killer in Fort Worth Oilfields

One of the most unexpected dangers for oilfield workers comes from the combination of driving to and from work and exhaustion. Since oilfields are often in rural areas, many small roads are tasked with handling more cars than they were designed for once oil is discovered in a place that they lead to.

For example, roads in the Permian Basin have become overwhelmed by traffic. Once quiet country back roads are now dotted with large trucks and thousands of commuting workers.

On these roads, fatal accidents increase with traffic rates. Often, exhausted workers fall asleep and accidentally cause serious car accidents. Or, rushed oil truckers make mistakes while focusing on making their deliveries as fast as possible. The results have been roads in portions of Texas and New Mexico earning the name “Death Highways” from locals.

Types of Devastating Accidents for Oilfield Workers

There are multiple types of accidents that can happen in oilfields. However, our Fort Worth oilfield injury lawyers see a few repeating types of incidents that harm workers.

Employers must prevent oilfield accidents such as:

  • Explosions, fires, and toxic exposure: workers regularly work around dangerous chemicals that can ignite and injure or kill them suddenly. Additionally, they need to be protected from coming into contact with toxic fumes and substances.
  • Falling objects: Oilfield workers are no strangers to working at a height. Safety nets and tethering equipment should be provided by employers to avoid falling tools and the injuries they cause.
  • Faulty equipment: too often, employers allow equipment to deteriorate. In some cases, faulty or malfunctioning equipment can slow work once it fails. In other cases, bad equipment places lives at risk and serves as the trigger for a serious accident.
  • Slip and falls: oilfield workers are busy and might not notice hazards around their worksite. Oilfield companies are responsible for making sure their work spaces are safe and have features such as fall protection and rails to prevent serious fall accident.

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When you call our firm, you’re turning to one that’s earned a results for getting big results for regular people. Often, we face teams of lawyers on the other side who are focused on helping their company get away with negligence for as little as possible—we never let them intimidate us. By never backing down from a fight, we’ve recovered billions of dollars for families facing the most difficult moment of their lives. We know accidents shouldn’t happen, and we’re even more certain that workers shouldn’t shoulder the blame for them.

Call us today at (888) 493-1629 for a free consultation with out top-rated Fort Worth oilfield accident law firm. We’re standing by to help you discover what your options are.

Common Questions

  • How Much Does Getting Help from a Fort Worth Oilfield Accident Law Firm Costs?

    We cover all costs associated with a case and only collect a payment if we win results. Working this way relieves financial pressure on clients who are already going through enough problems with money. It also makes our services attainable for anyone and shows customers that we’re invested in the success of their case.
  • My Company Offered a Settlement, Should I Accept It?

    You should always speak with an attorney before accepting a settlement for your oilfield injury. While it might seem like your company is trying to do the right thing, initial settlement offers are often lower than they should be—whether they’re meant to be or not. Importantly, accepting a low initial settlement often blocks a person from seeking further compensation once they realize that they deserve and need it.

    Speaking with our team is free, confidential, and will help you decide if you’re making the right decision.

  • What Can I Recover After an Oilfield Accident?

    At Arnold & Itkin, we focus on helping clients get the compensation they need to secure justice and move forward with their lives. While every case is different, we always focus on a person’s unique needs and situation to make sure we’re fighting for the results they need. We often pursue compensation for medical bills, lost wages, inability to work, future care needs, physical pain, emotional suffering, and anything else a client needs after their accident.
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