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Founded in 1853 in Hartford, Connecticut, Aetna, Inc. has grown to serve more than 46 million people and is known to be one of the nation’s leading healthcare benefits companies. They offer a variety of health insurance products including medical, dental, pharmacy, and disability plans. Their 2014 revenue was approximately $58 billion.

Overview of Aetna’s History

How did Aetna, Inc. get its start? Out of Hartford, the small life insurance company got its break in 1861, when they took an aggressive strategy to boost sells by promoting their policies. On the heels of the Civil War, their strategy paid off as they rode the surge of the wartime economy. In 1891, Aetna issued its first accident policy, taking the first step towards becoming a more diverse company. Soon after, they entered into the health insurance business. By 1919, Aetna was offering group life insurance coverage and group disability policies. Over the next few decades, the company would continue to grow, diversifying the services and products they offered along the way. In 2006, they acquired Broadspire, a major provider of disability and causality claims management services. Now, the company has expanded to having an international presence.

History of Results Against Insurance Companies

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Handling Aetna Bad Faith Practices 

While Aetna provides coverage to countless Americans and products to individuals throughout the world, they are not above committing bad faith insurance practices. Determining if Aetna has mistreated you under your policy can be difficult. You may not completely understand your rights or your legal options at this time. That is why our firm is here to help explain what you need to know.

Bad faith insurance practices can include the following:

  • Misrepresentation of policy provisions or facts
  • Denials of valid claims under your policy
  • Delays or underpayments of claims
  • Failing to explain a denied claim
  • Refusal to offer a fair, prompt settlement
  • Any other insurance company violations

If Aetna has responded to your valid insurance claim in this way, it is crucial that you retain counsel and legal guidance as soon as possible. Taking on a major insurance company like Aetna on your own can be very difficult, if not impossible. Without the right legal knowledge and proven expertise on your side, you could be left settling for less compensation than you deserve­—or possibly nothing in some cases.

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Don’t go through this trying time on your own! Our Houston insurance claim lawyers provide representation and guidance to clients from all over the country. We have handled claims against major insurance companies and corporations time and time again and know how to safeguard your rights throughout the process. Allow us to review your case today and provide the insight you need to move forward.

Contact Arnold & Itkin now at (888) 493-1629 or fill out a free case evaluation to find out how we can help.

Common Questions

  • Why Did Aetna Deny My Claim?

    Aetna and other insurance companies deny claims for various reasons. While some may be valid, others may be acts made in bad faith–in an attempt to wrongfully deny or lessen benefits. Potential reasons for a claim denial include missing information, a wrongly filed or filled out claim, failure to pay premiums, and a fraudulent claim. If your claim was denied, find out why. Call your insurance adjuster and get an explanation. If you are not satisfied and cannot get the matter resolved, talk to an attorney about your next options. You should not let unethical and outright illegal practices by an insurance company jeopardize your future.

  • How Do I Know That My Claim Was Wrongfully Denied?

    Only a thorough review and investigation of your claim will reveal whether it was wrongfully denied. If you suspect that you’re being mistreated by Aetna or any insurance provider, talk to a legal professional who has experience with disability claim denials and appeals. An experienced lawyer can read and understand insurance policy jargon and will know how to deal with Aetna so you are treated fairly. And if the company simply will not comply, your lawyer can take your case to civil court.

  • My Aetna Insurance Claim Is Moving Too Slowly. What Can I Do?

    Some insurance companies use delay tactics to drag out a claim and eventually provide a low settlement or even an utter denial. If you are having trouble getting in touch with Aetna, have not heard back at all, or are experiencing other delays, it may be time to involve an attorney. At Arnold & Itkin, our insurance claim lawyers know how to put the right amount of pressure on Aetna and other companies to get them to give a claim the attention it deserves. We know their strategies and how to counteract them so our clients have the opportunity to receive fair, timely payouts.
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