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As more people live from paycheck to paycheck, many Americans’ worst fear is losing the steady income that they do have due to injury or illness. As a precaution against losing income or being unable to provide for loved ones, many people buy disability, life, and other insurance policies. These policies replace or supplement your income when you are unable to work and provide coverage for other events, like accidents or illnesses. However, insurance companies sometimes do not provide the benefits that their policies should offer.

Guardian Life Insurance Company of America is a company that has faced controversy in the past for not fulfilling their policy agreements. This is known as insurance bad faith.

If you have been mistreated by the policy underwriters at Guardian Life, contact Arnold & Itkin today.

History of Results Against Insurance Companies

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About Guardian Life Insurance

Guardian initially began as Germania, an insurance company that covered the German immigrants coming to America in the 1860s. It was established in 1860 in Manhattan but has grown to have home offices in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Massachusetts. It was also the first U.S. insurance company to spread to Europe.

Through a merger in 2001, Guardian Life Insurance offers disability insurance to individuals and businesses in addition to its dental and life insurance services. However, Guardian has faced dozens of consumer complaints about their poor practices. In 2009, the company came under fire for canceling the plan of a boy who required 24-hour care for muscular dystrophy. They did not offer a care plan that would be an appropriate replacement for his care. Unfortunately, the family lost when they took Guardian Life Insurance to trial, although a law was passed in honor of the boy's contentious legal battle. He was eventually provided the medical care that he needed.

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Arnold & Itkin has the experience and skill to take on big insurance companies. We have years of experience protecting the rights of our clients, and our results demonstrate our skill. We have recovered billions for our clients in verdicts and settlements. At our firm, our Guardian life insurance attorneys have more trial experience than most lawyers have in their entire careers. Our legal team knows how to handle litigation against large insurance providers, and when we are involved, companies know that we are prepared for trial. If you are facing a legal battle, you need trial-tested representation. That's Arnold & Itkin.

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Common Questions

  • Why Do Companies Like Guardian Life Insurance Wrongly Deny Valid Claims?

    Insurance companies make money when they receive premium payments from their policyholders, not when they pay out large amounts of money to claimants. They may see it in their best interests to proceed with caution when investigating and paying claims, and it is the policyholders who end up paying the price. Unnecessary delays, retroactively canceling policies, denying valid claims, and offering unfair claim payouts are all ways that an insurance company like Guardian may put profits over policyholders.

  • How Do I Know if Guardian Life Insurance Has Acted in Bad Faith?

    If you filed an insurance claim with Guardian Life Insurance and are having trouble getting the money you need, it’s possible that you’re being mistreated, or your claim is being mishandled. To prove this, your attorney will need to investigate the situation and find out if the company is acting in bad faith by failing to uphold the terms of your policy. Because we have a considerable amount of experience with disability claim denials and appeals, we at Arnold & Itkin can effectively determine whether unethical or illegal conduct is afoot. Our Guardian insurance claim lawyersmay be able to protect your right to fair benefits and hold Guardian accountable.

  • What Should I Do if I’m Having an Issue Recovering Disability or Life Benefits?

    Policyholders have the right to trust their insurance companies will fulfill the promises in their policies. Disability income is particularly crucial because it offers a financial safety net. Life insurance helps a family get stability and support after the loss of a loved one. If your insurance company is not acting in good faith, you have the right to seek legal representation.

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