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If you were injured or lost a family member in an oilfield accident, such as a land rig fire or explosion, you’re left with more questions than answers. Your future may seem uncertain at best. These are the most difficult times, but you have rights and legal options that can open the door to answers, support, and stability when you need it most.

Our team at Arnold & Itkin is passionate about helping injured oilfield workers and their families. Our attorneys have fought to win numerous million-dollar and multi-million-dollar recoveries that have helped rebuild lives and right the wrongs caused by oil and gas company negligence.

Our New Mexico oilfield injury attorneys help with after accidents such as:

You deserve answers. Our Albuquerque oilfield accident lawyers are standing by to help you get them. Your consultation is free when you call (888) 493-1629.

Oilfield Accidents

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Why Do Oilfield Accidents Happen in New Mexico?

Oil and gas companies make millions, even billions, every year. These corporations are notorious for pushing for more production and more profit, sometimes at the expense of their workers. They may cut corners, waiting to replace aging equipment or failing to properly implement safety standards, just to keep production as high as possible. This increases the likelihood of an accident that can injure numerous workers or claim innocent lives.

At Arnold & Itkin, we’re passionate about protecting oil and gas workers’ rights, and our case results reflect this. Some of our notable oilfield injury recoveries include:

  • $72 million settlement for a worker who lost his arm and suffered other catastrophic injuries.
  • $18.75 million settlement for an injured oilfield worker in a seemingly impossible case.
  • $7.2 million settlement for a client who suffered a traumatic brain injury and experienced memory loss.
  • $1.9 million jury verdict for a nurse who was seriously injured when oilfield equipment fell from the back of a truck and hit her car.

These recoveries have changed our clients’ lives, helping to secure their care and support for the rest of their lives. These and all the oilfield injury cases we have successfully handled have also put pressure on oil and gas companies to improve safety and place more importance on their workers’ lives.

The oil industry is important to New Mexico's economy, but the jobs it provides should not put workers’ lives at risk.

Types of Oilfield & Land Rig Accidents in New Mexico

There are countless ways someone could get hurt in an oilfield accident. Oil and gas extraction ranks among the most dangerous jobs a person can get in America. Every day, you’re handling heavy machinery and hazardous chemicals while managing the near-constant risk of fires and explosions. It’s a company’s job to mitigate these risks. After all, oil and gas extraction needs to happen, so someone has to do it. But that doesn’t excuse the dozens of companies every year whose bad policies and corner-cutting lead to life-changing injuries.

That’s why workers call our Albuquerque oilfield accident lawyers.

Our firm helps families after oilfield accidents across the nation, including at sea and on land:

  • Land rig explosions
  • Blowouts
  • Drilling rig accidents
  • Gas truck crashes
  • Pipeline explosions

If you or someone you love has suffered because of an oilfield accident, our firm has the experience and proven results to help you recover what you’ve lost. We’ve gotten our clients over $20 billion in verdicts and settlements because we go above and beyond to get the results that people need—no matter what.

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Southeast New Mexico, particularly Eddy County, Lea County, and Chaves County, which sit in the oil-rich Permian Basin, is currently in the midst of the oil and gas equivalent to a gold rush. New Mexicans and workers from across the U.S. are working at the state’s many oilfields, where they have the opportunity to earn good money—but at what cost? If you were injured at an oilfield in New Mexico, you deserve the chance to recoup your losses.

We help workers and families in all of New Mexico, including those in:

  • Bernalillo County
  • Chaves County
  • Colfax County
  • Eddy County
  • Harding County
  • Lea County
  • McKinley County
  • Rio Arriba County
  • Roosevelt County
  • San Juan County
  • Sandoval County
  • Union County

As an oilfield worker or any employee, contractor, or sub-contractor in New Mexico, you have the right to expect that the place where you work will be reasonably safe. If you were injured in a land rig fire, explosion, or any type of oilfield accident, you could be entitled to a significant amount of compensation to pay for your medical care, ongoing treatment, lost earnings, pain and suffering, and possibly more. Our Albuquerque oilfield accident law firm is here to help you explore your options and get the recovery you deserve.

Find out what rights you have as an oilfield worker and how you can recover the compensation you need. Call (888) 493-1629 today for your free, private consultation.

Common Questions

  • What Types of Injuries Do Oilfield Workers Experience?

    Oilfield workers in New Mexico may experience catastrophic injuries if safety standards are overlooked, equipment malfunctions, or their co-workers or employers are careless. This can cause land rig accidents like fires, explosions, and other serious incidents that have the potential to cause life-altering harm.

    Potential land rig and oilfield injuries include broken bones, injuries to limbs and extremities, burn injuries, back and neck injuries, toxic exposure, brain injuries, and more. Because oilfield worker injuries are often severe, they require extensive medical care and will often impact a worker’s ability to return to the field. This makes the swift recovery of compensation all the more important.

  • What Should I Do After an Oilfield Injury in New Mexico?

    The most important thing you can do after an oilfield accident is to seek medical care. Get the treatment you need, from the doctor you want to see. Your employer may try to send you to a company doctor, but you have the right to seek treatment from the doctor or facility of your choosing.

    After you get medical care, make sure you inform your employer of the incident and your injuries, in writing. Starting a record of your injury and keeping all applicable documents, receipts, and communication like emails or letters will help support your claim for compensation. As soon as you can, contact an attorney with experience in New Mexico oilfield accident cases. These are complex legal matters that require a complete understanding of state and federal safety regulations, oil and gas laws, and precedents set by case law.

  • How Can Your Firm Help with My Oilfield Injury Claim?

    Arnold & Itkin has a long history of representing oil and gas workers in the U.S. We’ve handled some of the biggest and most challenging cases in history, such as the Deepwater Horizon explosion, and have faced off against giants like Mobil, Transocean, BP, and others. When workers need help in the aftermath of serious land rig accidents, oilfield accidents, and offshore injuries, they turn to Arnold & Itkin. We have recovered billions of dollars in life-changing settlements and verdicts for our clients and are known for our intelligence and our willingness to do whatever it takes to see justice served. Our Albuquerque land rig accident firm is here to help. No matter what.
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