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Helping Families Find Answers After Losing the Ones They Love

At Arnold & Itkin, we know there is nothing more devastating to a family than the loss of a loved one, something made even more difficult when the death could have been avoided through the proper care and diligence. If you have lost a family member or other loved one in an accident caused by negligent or careless actions of a third party, contact our Albuquerque wrongful death lawyers as soon as you can for compassionate help.

Our New Mexico wrongful death attorneys have recovered billions of dollars in verdicts and settlements and have won cases for clients from 40+ states. We have the experience and track record of success that you can rely upon when facing such a complex case.

Examples of our past case results include:

  • $860 Million - We won a record verdict after a crane collapsed on an apartment building and killed a young woman.
  • $29 Million - We recovered one of the largest known settlements for an offshore death.
  • $10.9 Million - We helped represent a Louisiana family who was affected by a serious crossing accident that left a young girl paralyzed and her mother dead.
  • $5.6 Million - Our lawyers recovered $5.6 million on behalf of a mother whose son was killed in a fatal crane accident while working offshore.
  • $2.9 Million - In this case, we recovered nearly $3 million after a man was killed from falling 12 feet in a parking lot. We proved the parking lot violated regulations.

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Wrongful Death Attorneys

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New Mexico Wrongful Death Law

According to New Mexico Statutes 41-2-1, when "the wrongful act, neglect or default of another" causes a person's death, the injured party is entitled to "maintain an action and recover damages in respect thereof." In non-legal terms, this basically means that people or corporations can be held accountable when their acts (or failures to act) cause the death of a person. Examples might include a distracted driver who strikes a pedestrian, a manufacturer that creates a dangerous product, or an employer that fails to protect its workers.

Any acts of carelessness and negligence may provide a foundation for a wrongful death case against the responsible party/parties. Intentional acts like assaults or attacks can also provide grounds for wrongful death actions. In New Mexico, a person who commits a felony against another person could face criminal charges and a wrongful death suit in civil court. Any parties that allowed the felony to occur could also be held accountable, such as a hospital for hiring a doctor with a record of misconduct or a bank for failing to provide adequate security.

Each state has a statute of limitations on wrongful death lawsuits. In New Mexico, a wrongful death action must be brought within three years. Failing to file a case in time could limit a family's ability to seek justice.

"What Damages Can I Recover in a New Mexico Wrongful Death Lawsuit?"

The purpose of a wrongful death lawsuit is to help surviving family members get the financial support it will take to create a more stable future. There is no way to erase the loss they have experienced, but a successful lawsuit will help them find answers and will result in a settlement or award that covers financial losses and emotional trauma. This can go a long way in helping a family find some peace of mind and stability after their loss.

The following damages may be recoverable in a wrongful death lawsuit in New Mexico:

  • Economic Damages: Medical expenses, funeral costs, loss of wages and benefits, and more.
  • Non-Economic Damages: Pain and suffering, loss of care, loss of companionship, and more.

As Albuquerque wrongful death attorneys, our team at Arnold & Itkin knows you have been through enough. That is why we make it our mission to help our clients in every way possible, handling their cases with the level of professionalism and attention to detail that allows them to focus on mourning, healing, and spending time with loved ones. When big companies cut corners, manufacturers put profits first, and people act recklessly, our lawyers step forward and seek justice in the name of those who have been lost.

Wrongful Death: Causes & Liability

A wrongful death may be caused by any type of negligence or intentional wrongdoing when this causes a person to lose their life. A reckless driver, a defective product, or a dangerous workplace could claim one or more lives, leaving families without the ones they love. It is crucial for at-fault parties to be held responsible, and a wrongful death lawsuit is often the best way to accomplish this.

Our New Mexico wrongful death firm takes on cases involving:

When we take on a wrongful death case, we investigate every aspect of the incident to determine what caused it and who is responsible. This helps us identify any and all defendants—and sources of compensation. With our experience in this area of law and our unwavering commitment to put in the work it takes to win, we can then build a compelling case that explains what caused our client's loss and who is to blame. Every case is different, and that is why our wrongful death lawyers in Albuquerque never cut corners or take the easy way out. We fight with everything we have because we believe in doing right by our clients.

Our New Mexico Wrongful Death Attorney Can Help

In the aftermath of losing a loved one, it can be difficult to envision a better future. The thought of hiring an attorney or taking legal action might not be anywhere near the top of your concerns. However, medical bills will pile up, you'll have to face funeral costs, and you'll need to adjust to life without your loved one's support. An attorney can help by handling everything while you focus on healing, spending time with family, and remembering your loved one. You can get answers, see justice served, and get the financial support you need.

When we take on a wrongful death case, our Albuquerque wrongful death attorneys:

  • Work with investigators and experts to determine what caused the incident.
  • Identify all at-fault parties and potential sources of compensation.
  • Gather relevant evidence to build a compelling wrongful death case.
  • Negotiate with the defendant and their insurance company.
  • Take the case to court if the defendant will not negotiate or settle for a fair amount.
  • Fight until the best possible outcome has been reached for the family.

About Albuquerque

Albuquerque, often abbreviated ABQ, is New Mexico’s most populous city. As of July 2021, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated Albuquerque had a population of 562,599. The city covers a land area of just over 187 square miles and is flanked by the Sandia Mountains and West Mesa just north of central New Mexico. It has one of the highest elevations of any major U.S. city. Albuquerque was founded in 1706 as an outpost called La Villa de Albuquerque, named after the Viceroy Francisco Fernández de la Cueva, the 10th duke of Albuquerque (a town in Spain).

The New Mexico Territory became a part of the United States and Albuquerque was incorporated as a city in 1891. By 1900, the population of Albuquerque had reached 9,000 residents. Route 66 brought more people to the city starting in 1926, contributing to its status as a tourist location and resulting in the construction of numerous restaurants, shops, and motels. The construction of Kirkland Air Force Base in 1939 and Sandia Base and Sandia National Laboratories in the 1940s established Albuquerque as a primary contributor to the United State’s efforts in atomic research and the creation of the atom bomb. By 1960, the population had reached 201,189.

Today, Albuquerque’s economy is diverse, centered on such industries as technology, science, medicine, commerce, entertainment, and education. The city is home to The University of New Mexico and Central New Mexico Community College, and both Microsoft and Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS) were founded in Albuquerque.

Some of the top attractions in the Albuquerque area include the Sandia Peak Tramway, which offers incredible desert views from the 10,378-foot summit of Sandia Peak, the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History, which provides considerable insight into the city’s contribution to the atomic era, and the Petroglyph National Monument. Countless visitors come for the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta as well, in which more than 500 hot air balloons take to the skies every year on the first Saturday in October.

Albuquerque, NM: Links & Resources

Get the Answers You Need & Stability You Deserve

If you have lost a loved one, contact our New Mexico wrongful death lawyers today. You have the opportunity to get answers and seek justice in your loved one's name, but it will take a powerful team to hold at-fault individuals, corporations, and insurance companies accountable. At Arnold & Itkin, we are experienced and aggressive trial lawyers who are dedicated to our clients. When we take on a wrongful death case, we fully commit. We seek the result that brings peace of mind and stability to families who've lost loved ones. From construction accidents to car crashes to pipeline explosions, we help those who have lost parents, spouses, and other loved ones create brighter and more stable futures for themselves and their families.

To learn more about how we can help and to discuss your legal options, contact us for your free consultation.

Common Questions

  • Who Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in New Mexico?

    In New Mexico, a wrongful death lawsuit must be filed by the personal representative, or executor, of the deceased’s estate. This is often the spouse, but it may be a different person who the deceased named as executor at an earlier date. If there is no personal representative named, the court will appoint one. Although it is essentially the estate of the deceased that files a wrongful death lawsuit, the proceeds of the case will go to the beneficiaries of that estate. Damages will be disbursed to the surviving spouse, children, and grandchildren based on applicable New Mexico Right of Representation laws. The best way to find out who should file and how to move forward with a wrongful death case is to talk to an attorney. We’re standing by to help!
  • Should I Talk to an Albuquerque Wrongful Death Lawyer?

    As a family member or the personal representative of a loved one’s estate, you may wonder whether you should involve an attorney. The best thing you can do for yourself and your family at this point is to review your options with a knowledgeable legal professional. When you work with a skilled Albuquerque wrongful death attorney, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to find out why your loved one died and who caused their death. It is highly unlikely that the at-fault party will admit that they’re to blame and offer to pay medical bills, funeral costs, and the earnings your loved one can no longer make. An attorney with experience in wrongful death lawsuits can put the pressure on and help you seek complete compensation.
  • What Is My Wrongful Death Case Worth?

    The value of a wrongful death case will depend on several factors. This may include the cost of medical treatment, funeral or burial expenses, loss of future income and benefits, property damage, and any other losses or expenses that resulted from the at-fault party’s behavior. Damages may be awarded for emotional harm as well, like pain and suffering or loss of companionship. To find out the potential value of your case, talk to our New Mexico wrongful death lawyers at Arnold & Itkin. Your initial consultation is free and private!
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