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Hurricane Harvey Is the Costliest Disaster in U.S. History

On August 25, 2017, Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the Gulf Coast of Texas—and Houston may not recover for years. Flooding and windstorm damage from the historic storm damaged roughly 200,000 structures, caused $180 billion in damage statewide, and has killed an estimated 50 people along the Texas and Louisiana coast. Over the course of six days, Harvey loosed over 33 trillion gallons of water onto Texas, causing devastating flooding throughout Houston and Harris County.

Two of the three largest property insurance providers in Houston allegedly have a history of denying valid claims following a major hurricane: State Farm and All State Insurance. You may have trouble getting the money you need to recover from Hurricane Harvey—which is why Arnold & Itkin wants to help. Call us at (888) 493-1629 to get answers about your legal options.

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Claims for Hurricane Damage in Texas

When hurricanes sweep through Texas, there isn't much a property owner can do except have a good insurance policy. Unfortunately, sometimes that isn't enough. When hurricanes strike, incredibly strong winds and flooding can do some serious damage that may leave you with thousands of dollars of damage. An important first step is to document all of your losses. Take pictures and make notes to evidence what exactly you need coverage for. When you speak with your insurer, they will be able to help you start the claims process. When hurricanes strike, they don't just cause damage to one or two homes, but rather affect entire cities and regions.

This tells insurance companies that they are going to have to give a lot of payments to their policy holders. Be informed of what is in your insurance policy and what expenses your policy will cover. If you are sure that your policy covers evacuation expenses but your insurer is refusing to pay for your hotel bill then this could be a sign of bad faith insurance practices. After an extreme natural disaster like a hurricane, your home may be unlivable, leaving you with no other option than to rely on your insurance company. If you need help getting the coverage from your insurance company that you deserve after hurricane damage then you should contact an attorney from our firm.

Common Hurricane Damage

Heavy wind and rain characterize all hurricanes and tropical storms. These are two factors that can cause a myriad of damages to your property. Some types of damage are more common than others. If your home was affected by a recent hurricane or tropical storm then you may have suffered one or more of the following effects.

  • Surface damage to your home can affect more than just the aesthetic. Things like broken windows and roof paneling may be causing damage to the inside of your home. In hurricanes, heavy winds cause debris to be picked up and flung in all directions. This makes windows susceptible to breaking. Some people try to prepare their windows for storms by boarding them up but this does not always suffice. Heavy winds can take shingles off of roofs or lift roofs off of homes altogether. Garage doors are another thing that can be damaged by heavy winds. If your garage door is damaged then likely the rest of your house will be susceptible to the elements.
  • Your home may have also sustained structural damage. If moisture reaches inside your home, as often happens, there are countless things that could go wrong. For one, floorboards can be ruined. Whether you have wood floors, tile, or carpet, water damage can force you to have to replace the entire area. Many people also have basements, which will likely flood in the event of a serious tropical storm. Make sure you do not venture down into your basement after it has been flooded, since loose electrical wires can send an electric current through anything the water touches. You may even be dealing with fire damage because of exposed wires.

This is not a comprehensive list by any means. A complete list of possible hurricane damage is near impossible to formulate because in a storm nothing is orderly. If your property was damaged in any way that causes you to need to file a first party insurance claim then you will need to speak with your insurance claim adjuster. If you find out that they are not willing to cover the cost of damages they are obligated to then this constitutes the need for legal help.

Lawyer for First Party Insurance Claims

    At Arnold & Itkin, we have helped people just like you get the coverage that is rightfully theirs after natural disasters such as a hurricane. Insurance companies have no right to deny you coverage if you are a faithful policy holder. You may need coverage for things like wind and water damage to your home or business. Whatever the case may be, you trust your insurance company to deliver for you.

    When they don't, get in touch with our firm by calling (888) 493-1629 or using our short online form. Your insurance company has an obligation to fulfill their side of the deal when it comes to compensation. Let us help you get it.

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