Wind & Flood Damage Is Your Insurance Company Keeping Their Promises?

Texas Wind & Flood Insurance Claims

Recovering from the Damage Caused by Hurricanes

Wind and flood damage are the two most common, most devastating effects of a hurricane. After major hurricanes, many insurance companies have readjusted their policies in order to make it more difficult and expensive for people to get full coverage. You may be surprised if you check your insurance policy to see what kind of coverage you would actually get. Some insurance companies will try to lessen the amount of damages that you actually received to your property, which means that you are undercompensated and left to pay for these damages on your own.

Some contracts make provisions for wind damage but exclude flood damage. Make sure you are fully aware of what is contained in your policy. Wind and flood damage are no small expense. Unfortunately what happens at times is that windstorm coverage providers and flood coverage providers will both think that the other is responsible for covering the cost of your hurricane damage. At Arnold & Itkin, we hold insurance companies accountable to hold up their end of the deal. When a hurricane strikes, your property is likely not suffering from simply one kind of damage, but many. In order to get all of your damages covered for, speak with an attorney from our firm.

Protect Yourself & Your Home

Make sure that you are protected for both flood and wind damage in the event of a hurricane, because these types of storms cause both. Arnold & Itkin is here for you to make sure that those affected by natural disasters are compensated with a hurricane insurance claim so that they can get their lives back to normal as soon as possible. If you have taken pains as a property owner to make sure that you have the necessary coverage in the event of a hurricane but your insurance company is still refusing to compensate you or compensate you fully, then we would like to speak with you. Our firm can evaluate your case and root out any bad faith practices by your insurer.

Recovering from Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston and the Gulf Coast during the last week of August 2017. In six days, the 500-year storm loosed over 33 trillion gallons of water onto U.S. cities, lowering the Earth’s crust by 2 cm. Harris County alone received over 1 trillion gallons of water—enough to keep Niagara Falls flowing for more than two weeks. The sheer volume of water taxed Houston’s reservoir system well past its limits, leaving thousands of homes flooded and $180 billion in damages in its wake.

Insurance companies often deny claims after a hurricane by attributing nearly all of the damage to flooding—which is only covered by the National Flood Insurance Program, not private insurers. If you want your insurer to honor your policy due to damage from Hurricane Harvey, you’ll want an experienced attorney in your corner. Our team has had years of success forcing insurance companies to honor our clients’ policies and making them financially whole.

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