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Plant explosions are occurring at an alarming rate. Virtually every year features 1 or 2 new disasters on a massive scale. The United States is headed for a crisis—a crisis that is still preventable if companies are willing to make the relatively small investment into improving their own facilities.

Our first concern is for the workers who are hurt or killed in these explosions. The impact, the heat, and the volatile chemicals all virtually guarantee that someone will suffer a catastrophic injury—likely toxic exposure, burn injuries, or blunt force trauma. Many workers do not survive their injuries. The ones who do are facing a long road ahead—a path marked with post-traumatic stress, extensive medical care, and a prematurely-finished career in plant work.

Many Texas plant explosion survivors live to see their savings waste away while companies who promised to protect them ignore their requests for relief. It's at this point that workers call Arnold & Itkin. With our help, our clients have gotten billions to pay off their medical debt, provide for their children, and replace the income they lost. It's a long road, but our attorneys help make the journey easier and less uncertain.

Texas Plant Explosion Attorneys

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The Kuraray America Plant Explosion in Pasadena, TX

On May 19, 2018, an explosion rocked the Kuraray America plant in Pasadena, TX—injuring 20 and leaving at least 2 with serious burn injuries. Once all 250 on-site personnel were accounted for, the Chemical Safety Board sent four investigators to understand why the Kuraray American plant exploded. A CSB spokesman said they'll be at the refinery explosion site for several weeks conducting interviews and gathering evidence.

According to initial reports, the explosion was triggered when employees were working on an insulation tower. Like with many plant explosion cases, a valve failed—leading to the over pressurization of the piping that resulted in an enormous fireball. Some workers were burned by the blast while others were hurt while jumping from scaffolding or attempting to escape the fire.

Fire & Explosion at ExxonMobil Plant in Baytown, Texas

Residents in Baytown, Texas reported feeling an explosion at about 1:00 am on December 23, 2021. Authorities soon responded to a "major industrial accident" at the ExxonMobil plant about 25 miles outside of Houston. A fire had broken out in the part of the plant that produces gasoline, seriously injuring four workers. Three of the workers were transported by helicopter and one was transported by ambulance for emergency medical care.

The facility houses a chemical plant, refinery, and olefins plant. It took emergency crews several hours to finally extinguish the fire. This is not the first incident of its kind at the ExxonMobil refinery. Our Texas plant explosion attorneys are representing multiple workers who were injured in a July 31, 2019 fire at the olefins plant, which unleashed toxic chemicals into the air and millions of gallons of firefighting wastewater into the Houston Ship Channel. A total of 66 workers were injured.

The Worst Plant Explosions in Texas History

Even a little bit of research into refinery accidents will reveal a pattern about explosions: for the most part, they're the result of failed parts or lack of inspection. That's what makes them so preventable—all it would take is regular vigilance and a bit of preventative maintenance to keep explosions from happening.

Below, our Texas plant explosion lawyers have compiled a list of the worst disasters in the state's history:

The Phillips Disaster – October 23, 1989

In October 1989, a small valve adjustment created a gas release that ignited a massive plant explosion. The explosion itself registered on the Richter scale at a magnitude of 3.5—small for an earthquake, but massive for a man-made explosion. The key here was the chain reaction—the valve reversal released 85,000 pounds of flammable fumes, but it was the first explosion that led to a chain of explosions throughout the plant. The disaster took the lives of 23 employers and injured 300+ others.

The Texas City Refinery Explosion – March 23, 2005

In 2005, a report from a consulting firm hired to inspect the Texas City plant said, "We have never seen a site where the notion 'I could die today' was so real." The report listed broken alarms, thinning pipes, and crumbling concrete among the serious issues the plant was facing. Barely 8 weeks later, a pressure release led to an overflow of hydrocarbons in the air, which weren't detected due to a faulty alarm. The scale of the resulting explosion is hard to describe—it killed 15 people in the immediate vicinity and blew out windows over three-quarters of a mile away. The surrounding area (up to 200,000 square feet) was badly burned. The Texas plant accident put the facility down for the count for 2 years.

The West, Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion – April 17, 2013

Before 2013, OSHA last inspected the West Fertilizer Company's facility in 1985. Prior to the explosion, the company had a record of improper security, unlawful storage of anhydrous ammonia, and not possessing a risk management plan. After the explosion, it was discovered that the plant didn't disclose how much ammonia it was storing on-site, breaking federal law. The explosion was the result of a fire in the facility. During firefighting efforts, the plant exploded with the force of 10 tons of TNT. The damage was so profound that there were conflicting reports of deaths or injuries, with dozens missing in the aftermath. Eventually, authorities determined that 15 people were killed and 160-200 people were injured in this Texas plant accident.

The Largest Oil Refineries in Texas

  • Port Arthur Refinery (owned by Saudi Aramco)
  • Galveston Bay Refinery
  • Baytown Refinery
  • Beaumont Refinery
  • Port Arthur Refinery (owned by Valero)

Common Causes of Texas Plant Accidents & Refinery Explosions

As Texas plant accident lawyers, we've spent our careers investigating the worst examples of industrial negligence in U.S. history. Every time we investigate a new refinery explosion, we see the same old pattern over and over: neglected equipment, tuned-out executives, untrained workers, and poor emergency preparation. The only way to force companies to break their destructive pattern is to hire a plant accident attorney.

We have helped our clients win billions of dollars to rebuild their lives after serious injuries, including:

  • $97 Million – Our Texas plant burn lawyers negotiated a massive settlement for a group of refinery workers who survived a fire at their work site. The settlement helped them get the extensive medical care they needed.
  • $39.7 Million – Our lawyers won a massive verdict for a worker who was caught in an explosion at a plywood plant. Our client's skin was falling apart, requiring several surgeries before trial was even finished. We fought to help him pay for current and future medical care.

Burn Injuries Sustained at Chemical Plants, Oil Refineries & More

If you or a loved one are dealing with the aftermath of an accident at a chemical plant, oil refinery, factory, or other industrial workplaces that resulted in severe burn injuries, do not hesitate to contact the industrial injury lawyers at Arnold & Itkin as soon as possible. Over the years, we have helped countless individuals and families—helping the victims of third-degree burns, scarring, and disfigurement demand justice.

We understand just how complex the recovery process can be; medical treatment for burn injuries is not inexpensive or quick. You need to receive compensation that will not only help cover these medical costs—past, current, and future—but also help cover other associated expenses, such as lost income, mental anguish, pain, suffering, and more. At Arnold & Itkin LLP, our Texas burn injury lawyers are proud to represent injured industrial workers and will stop at nothing to ensure our clients receive the compensation that they deserve.

The LyondellBasell Chemical Leak in La Porte

A chemical leak at the LyondellBasell plant in La Porte claimed the lives of 2 workers and sent 30 more to the hospital for treatment on July 27, 2021. The incident was initially reported to be an explosion as it involved a burst cap on a pressurized line. That line contained acetic acid and sent a toxic vapor cloud around workers once it broke. It happened as the plant was partially shut down for routine maintenance. Acetic acid is a highly corrosive, flammable substance that’s used for a variety of purposes, including cleaning and food preparation. While safe if used properly, exposure to high quantities of it can cause serious burn injuries and respiratory damage.

Notably, the LyondellBasell had received numerous citations for pollution in the years leading up to the chemical leak. Just weeks before the accident, it’s Galena Park facility—just 15 miles away—made headlines for spewing a garlic-like odor over nearby neighborhoods. While officials maintained that the leaking chemical that cause the scent wasn’t unsafe, those near the plant reported feeling nauseated and having headaches.

Compassionate Legal Help for Texas Wrongful Death Cases

Nothing is as difficult as dealing with the loss of a loved one. If a fatal plant, refinery, or factory accident killed someone you love, it’s important to know that you’re not alone in this. At Arnold & Itkin, our Texas wrongful death lawyers have handled hundreds of similar cases. Our plant attorneys know what you’re going through, and we’re here to help you find justice. We know that no amount of money will ever truly compensate you for the loss of someone you love and it will never make the negligence or recklessness that caused it acceptable; however, we believe that you deserve to have a stable future. You deserve security—and you deserve to know that the responsible parties have been held accountable for what they did. That’s what our team of trial lawyers is here to do. We fight for justice, for answers, and for families across Texas. Let us fight for you.

$30+ Million Won for Geismar Explosion Survivors

The Texas plant attorneys at Arnold & Itkin represented several survivors of the 2013 explosion that rocked Geismar, Louisiana. In two separate trials, our lawyers ensured that our clients won $15.45 million and $18.5 million, respectively. Despite the defendants' best efforts, the jury assigned 98% of the fault to the companies we sued—helping our clients get the care and resources they needed.


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Our clients come from every walk of life, every economic background, and come from all over Texas. As the backbone of our economy, it's our honor to protect them when they need their neighbors most. Knowing their stories and getting to know their lives and their families only commits us further to securing their future. The best thing any client can say about us is that we never quit fighting for them. As Texas plant accident lawyers, we refuse to let any company or insurance company outwork us, ever.

“It was just unreal how tirelessly they worked. Our trial lasted around 10 days. Every night, they were working ‘til way after midnight. There were a couple nights they never even slept.” 
- Terry, Client of Arnold & Itkin

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