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Out of the 253+ million vehicles on the road today, 12.6 million are commercial vehicles—or roughly 5 percent of all vehicles. Despite relatively small numbers, commercial vehicles are over-represented in one tragic way: in vehicle fatalities. Up to 11 percent of vehicle crash fatalities involve large trucks (counted as vehicles over 10,000 pounds).

If you or a loved one was catastrophically injured by a commercial vehicle, you're not alone. Our Houston commercial vehicle accident lawyers have helped hundreds of people walk away from their accidents with enough money to rebuild their lives, get medical care, and provide for their families. We've won billions of dollars for injured people because we understand how trucking companies hurt their drivers and the public.

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What Causes Commercial Vehicle Accidents?

In addition to the normal bad habits that drivers indulge today (distracted driving or texting-and-driving to name a couple), commercial truck drivers are subject to harsh conditions that push them to their mental and physical limits. Most companies pay drivers by the mile—incentivizing a driver to always rush, drive fast, and put in long hours. Despite months of hard-driving, many drivers have a hard time making ends meet.

The commercial vehicle accidents our attorneys have investigated include:

To get around federal regulations designed to keep the public and commercial drivers safe, companies will sometimes encourage drivers to violate their hours-of-service rules. Instead of paying them a good wage like drivers use to get, they'll convince them that the only way to make money is to drive while sleepy, use stimulants to stay awake, and drive during the most dangerous hours of the day.

As a result, there are roughly 5,000 large truck fatalities a year—around 700 of them are commercial drivers themselves.

UPS Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyers

The United Parcel Service (UPS) is one of the largest providers of shipping and freight delivery in the United States. It commands a powerful 27% overall market share and employs more than 119,000 vehicles in its fleet (not all of which are large trucks).

Unfortunately, their command of the industry has not necessarily made them an industry leader in safety.

From 2015 to 2017, drivers for UPS were involved in 2,003 crashes that contributed to 49 deaths and 689 injuries. Compared to the same data from 2012, the crash rate has increased by 38% and the number of injuries by 27%.

FedEx Commercial Vehicle injury Attorneys

Alongside UPS, FedEx is one of the most recognizable freight shipping brands in the world. It has a market share of 23% (just behind UPS, its next-largest competitor) and utilizes a fleet of more than 90,000 vehicles. However, the company's lobbying is equally impressive as the scope of its business: in the 2013-2014 legislative session, FedEx employed 51 lobbyists in Washington—37 of them once held federal government positions.

In the two-year period from December 2015 to December 2017, FedEx drivers were involved in 1,762 accidents that contributed to 575 injuries and 41 fatalities. Compared to the same period in 2012, the number of crashes more than doubles, and the number of fatalities nearly tripled.

See for yourself—find out how often trucking companies get into accidents on the FMCSA website.

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Our Houston commercial vehicle accident lawyers help employees, independent contractors, and passenger drivers alike hold shipping companies accountable for practices that put the public at risk. Drivers shouldn't have to drive for 18 hours at a time just to pay the bills—and companies know that. Commuters shouldn't have to fear for their lives whenever they drive to work or school either.Houston Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyers Kurt Arnold and Jason Itkin.

Arnold & Itkin has been investigating commercial shipping companies for years, holding them accountable for millions of dollars' worth of losses: wrongful death, catastrophic injuries, pain and suffering, long-term medical care, and loss of income, among others. It always begins the same way: with a free consultation. Let our attorneys hear your story—we can help you determine if it's worth pursuing as a case and what your best options are. If we can take your case, we'll handle all costs from beginning to end. Our firm pays for court fees, expert investigators, and more to make sure your case is airtight. In some cases, the law even allows us to advance clients' medical care and basic living expenses to their verdict or settlement.

If it doesn't work out, our clients never see a bill—they pay us nothing. If they win, our firm gets a percentage of the final award, but our clients still never get an invoice. All they get is the peace of mind that comes from having their future secured.

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