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Calcasieu Refining Accident Lawyers at Arnold & Itkin LLP.According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Louisiana had the third highest number of fatal injuries between 2007 and 2011 in the oil and gas industry, as well as the second largest number of operating refineries nationwide. Countless cases have been reported about catastrophic injuries occurring at a multitude of refineries, such as Calcasieu Refining.

Calcasieu Refining is a Louisiana oil processing facility that has an operating capacity of 75,000 barrels. They state that they are always looking for new ways to develop additional capacity, while lowering operational costs—however, this isn’t always a good initiative. Time and time again, Arnold & Itkin has worked on cases where refineries cut corners to lower cost, which result in putting their employees in dangerous situations. Ignoring aging equipment such as broken alarms, thinning pipes, or excessive fumes can create a dangerous work environment.

Although cutting cost is important, it should not be more important than employee’s safety. We have seen how frequently the explosions could have been avoided, as well as how often the companies fail to help their employees. Companies are primarily invested in protecting their own assets, instead of their employee’s well-being. We have helped hundreds of injured workers receive the compensation they deserve to secure their future—and we will continue to do so for all our clients.

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2006 Calcasieu Parish Oil Spill in Lake Charles, LA

In 2006, a severe Calcasieu Parish storm caused the Citgo Petroleum Refinery's storage system to overflow, resulting in a major oil spill. Experts described the spill as being “catastrophic”. The storm caused 21 million gallons of wastewater to escape, including 17 million gallons of contaminated wastewater and 4.2 million gallons of slop oil. Louisiana is very familiar with these severe storms and it is the refinery’s job to be prepared and try to prevent these tragic incidents. Instead, Calcasieu tasks employees to clean-up after these disastrous events. However, clean-up efforts tend to be extremely dangerous. The clean-up efforts for this case resulted in workers injured.

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Examples of Plants & Refinery Accidents in Texas

A multitude of refinery companies like Blue Dolphin have been involved in catastrophic incidents that have harmed many workers and their families, including:

Phillips Petroleum Company Plant (October 1980)

  • In 1989, a chain of explosions was sparked by an ethylene leak at a Phillips Petroleum Company plant in Pasadena, TX. An improperly-secured valve released 85,000 pounds of highly flammable ethylene-isobutane gas into the plant. There were no warning alarms, so within 2 minutes the gas ignited with the power of two-and-a-half tons of dynamite. As a result, 23 people were killed.

BP Texas City Refinery (March 2005)

  • The Texas City refinery had been recently inspected and BP knew it contained multiple serious explosion hazards. Regardless, BP went ahead with production, which led to the formation of huge hydrocarbon cloud due to a faulty valve. The cloud was ignited by a running engine and caused a massive explosion. The owners and managers failed to keep the work environment safe and as a result, 170 workers were severely injured and 15 were killed. Our Calcasieu refinery accident lawyers represented several of those injured in the blast.

West Fertilizer Company Explosion (April 2013)

  • An explosion occurred at a storage and distribution center in West, TX. The incident injured more than 250 people and killed 15 others. It was later discovered that the explosion was due to a fire that was set deliberately.

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Calcasieu Refining Accident Attorneys Have Won Billions for Clients

At Arnold & Itkin, we have helped injured accident victims win billions of dollars to help them take care of themselves and their families. We have won hundreds of cases worth $1 million or more, and we have set records on local, state, and national levels. We focus on helping our clients through every step of the way because we understand how overwhelming the time is after an accident. We do everything possible to protect your best interests.

Our Calcasieu Refinery accident attorneys have helped injured workers achieve the best possible result for their case—helping them take care of themselves and their family.

Below are some of our clients' many victories:

  • $97 Million Secured for Refinery Workers: Our firm was able to secure a huge settlement for clients who were injured in a refinery fire. Arnold & Itkin attorneys fought for justice against some of the largest corporations in the world. This settlement helped our clients receive the medical attention need and financial security for their future.
  • $39.7 Million Received for Industrial Accident: Our refinery accident attorneys recovered a record-setting verdict of $39.7 million on behalf of a worker who was severely burned in a dust fire and explosion at a Georgia-Pacific plywood plant in Carrigan, TX. Arnold & Itkin LLP was able to prove that the client was innocent and help the client be compensated for medical expenses, loss of earning capacity, disfigurement, mental anguish, amongst more.

Check out more of our firm’s victories here.

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